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the adventers of team moon: part 4/rocket grunt ??? wants to battle

by vergames

vergames a strange woman finds are band of heroes after snake evolved into a servine
snake:"i cant believe i am a servine now!!:)" mystic:"somtimes i think you have more brode then brains:?" snake:"SHUT UP!>=O" moon:"ugh...:? ooh a pecha berry:o"
mystic:"MOON NOO!:-O" *moon eats the pecha berry* moon:"mmm:nom:" *net catchs moon*
moon:":o" ???:"perpare for trouble" grunt a:"make it double" ???:"to protect the world from devastation:" grunt a:"to unite all peoples within are nation" ???:"to denounce the evils of truth and love" grunt a:"to extend are reach to the stars above" LILY:"LILY"
grunt a:"team rocket blasts off at the speed of light" lily:"surrender now or perpare to fight"
moon:"WHATS GOING ON?!?!?!@.@" lily:"the boss ordered for one umbreon and the last platoon of rocket grunts told me about you>:D" moon:";_; help please" snake:"YEEEEEEEE" *snake trys to kick lily but lily grabs him by the leg and throws him into a tree snake has fainted* lily:"its gonna take more then that" *lily throws a smoke bomb blinding the pokemon for a while and she gets away in the Rocket speeder*
volt&mystic:"COUGH COUGH" to be continued