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Pokemon Story: Part 28 - Three Pillars of the World

by sucuri

sucuri Our heroes stay the night in the Town. It was a peaceful night. No one expected the outcome of the unfortunate chain of events... Will Mike and co, be alright in the final outcome.
Mike woke up suddenly!
There was a rumor in the hall of the hotel. He quickly put on the clothes and went outside the room.
He saw people running, and felt the smell of the smoke. He was not sure what was going on, but decided to wake up the rest.
Then they quickly moved outside, when they were moving through the reception they saw, firefighters and Squirtles trying to shut down the flames.
When they were outside they saw that the Pokemon Center is also closed and damaged.
Mike thought it is very bad situation, because if any Pokemon will get hurt there is no way to heal it.
They followed the other people and were in the center of the city. And there they've noticed the three Pillars of stone. They wondered what is was.
Mike noticed the circle of Team Flare grunts around it. And in front of them the Pokemon, as to defend the grunts.
The city was being starved by the fire, the wooden buildings turned to ashes. There was a scream from one. Mike rushed there without thinking about it. He summoned Frogadier. He touched the door but it was locked. Frogadier tried to put down the flames, but they were to hasty and big to shut them down. So, Mike decided to use Litten and Fletchinder. Alongside him Jenny used Braixen. They managed to crack the door open. Mike went in and he saw old and youn ladies. The old women was dressed in toga and she looked like an elder of the town. The young one had very beautiful face and she was also wearing the toga. Mike grabbed the older lady, while Jenny helped the younger one.
When they were about to exit the collapsing house, the seiling fell down. But, luckily thanks to Haunter Mike was unscratched. Jenny was also safe, thanks to Trumi's intervention. Beedrill attacked the falling wood and splitted it in half.
They were outside finally. And everyone was safe...
- Thank You for rescuing us! I am Eileen, and I am taught to be the next elder of the Town! This Town has a hidden secret connected to the three Pillars. They are not just random stones, they are the Pillars of the World! Each of them represents three foundaments of our world. The Pillar of Destruction connected to endless flow of time, and the world struggle to find the equillibrium. The Pillar of Life connected to endless regrowth of nature, an infinite search for preservation of life. And the Pillar of Order connected to keeping the two in perfect balance, the order which needs both the destruction and the life.
The elder women also spoke: - I do not know what these grunts are doing, but I got bad feeling about this and we need to stop it. The Pillars are containing an enormous amount of energy! Eileen will lend You a hand in fighting with Team Flare!
- I guess we have no choice, the next route is barricaded and we are grounded here. Jenny, Trumi, Lusamine let us use all of our partners to buy us some time! - Mike said.
They nodded in the approval and started the hard battle!
Eileen's partner was three-headed dragon. The pokedex said it was Hydreigon.
Mike counted that there was about twenty grunts. There were five of them, but only four were a trainers. They needed a strategy to resolve it. Mike said that Lusamine should be the one battling if needed, as she did not have much experience in battling and her only Pokemon was Pikachu.
Mike was about to face the first opponent. It was a female grunt, her Pokemon was Golbat. Mike decided to go with Haunter. The battle was not so hard, as Haunter was determined to win. It had an ability to predict some moves. So, Mike used it as an advantage. Haunter also could dematerilize so, knowing the move and that ability were perfect for dodging them. One of Wing Attacks of Golbat did hit the Ghost Pokemon but it was nothing major. And Haunter used Hypnosis and then ate the Golbat's dreams, using Dream Eater. One grunt was down, but the circle was not broken.
On the other side, Trumi managed to defeat the another one. Also, Jenny was victorious. Eileen eliminated another two. So, only fifteen were left.
But, the first won battles were still not bringing them close to breaking the circle.
Mike felt strange energy, and saw many grunts were in a stasis.
Then there was a beam of light, the flames starving the city were gone in an instant. The people who watched this series of events all got knocked to the ground. Mike and the rest managed to stand their ground. The rest of grunts turned toward the Mike's team.
He did not know what the beam was, but it felt strange. He became surrounded by the grunts and his friends all were fighting their battles. Even Lusamine. Mike summoned all of his Pokemon, so Litten, Skrelp, Haunter, Goomy, Fletchinder and Frogadier were ready to battle. They knocked out many Zubats, Houndours and some Slowpokes. Mike saw that Lusamine was loosing here battle and the grunts started to kick her and push her aside. Mike was angry, but needed to battle these grunts. He defeated ten of them. But his Skrelp and Litten were unable to fight. He heard Eileen screaming that they are running of time. The Pillars did not have balance in their energy. Because of that the ground around them could collapse burying the whole Town beneath it.
Mike felt tired, but he could not give up, he gathered his Pokemon and slipped through the grunts and defeated the ones beating Lusamine. Her Pikachu fainted and she was not good either. He left her there with Goomy to protect her. Mike then went to help out Trumi, as he was good battler but his opponents were tough. He was battling one of the Admins and his Pokemon countered Trumi's Blitzle, Eevee and Chespin. Mike thought it is better to help him first as his skill may be needed later. So they defeated the Admin, but Mike's Haunter fainted.
As it turned out the strongest opponent was battling with Jenny. Mike felt like he met the guy before. His Trevenant was very well trained Pokemon and Jenny wa left with only Braixen. Trumi, Mike and Jenny tag team, after hard battle defeated the guy. Mike was left with Frogadier, Trumi with Beedrill, and Jenny with Braixen. Eileen was flying around and trying to find the resolution to the problem. She come up with an idea:
- Hey, I found the way how to bring balance back... - her voice cracked. The whole town was put in bright light. Mike managed only to grab Jenny, to keep her safe. Then he lost the consciousness...

When he woke up Frogadier and Goomy lied besides him. Jenny was there also, but her eyes were closed, and her clothes were stripped and torn. He did know what was going on, but he did not see other people. He assumed the threat was gone, and because of the light and maybe explosion they were splitted. He lay down besides Jenny and tried to wake her up. But he got no reaction. He was trying harder and harder, and his Pokemon supporting him. The Pokemon realized that Jenny may be dead and their cries were sad. Mike not giving up, kissed her in her lips and the teardrop run on his cheek. He hugged her and couldn't help but cry.
After quite time he heard Trumi's voice.
- Mike, something bad happened! We are floating in the air! I send Rowlet to trace the boundaries and it looks like three Pillars are the boundaries! - Mike got even more angry and sad.
- I will not give up my dream of becoming the Pokemon Master. Let's hit those Pillars at the same time!
They used three Pokemon and hit the Pillars. It worked out and they landed in the place were the Town was.
- Mike, You manage to help us out! - Eileen with joy said. - Now we only need to rebuild the Town, and reopen the PokeCenter. My grandmother for now will the care of the wounded people and Pokemon!
- I am glad I was able to help... - Mike with very sad face said. - I didn't want to lose her, my dream was to share my adventure with her... - he could not help but cry again.
Eileen came to him and said: - Do not worry Mike, she will be fine! She is not gone yet! Take her quickly to my grandma!
So, he did. He stayed by her side and was taking care of her Pokemon and her look. The old woman used some medicines and something like magic to heal Jenny. Lusamine was also helping Mike out, as she like him and couldn't watch how sad Mike was.
The treatment lasted couple of hours. In the meantime the PokeCenter reopened, so Trumi, and Lusamine went there to heal the Pokemon. Mike did not want to leave Jenny for any second, she now the most important to him. Finally, after two days she opened the eyes. She was weak but was alive. Mike hugged her so hard that she almost choked. But she was happy to be loved by so great person. She then told them about the light. She saw three Pokemon stopping the light, and they did it, but the drawback was the floating in the air. One of them went into mind of Jenny and erased some details from what she saw and that left her unconsious.
They decided to stay here until Jenny will come back to health. Mike was even more determined to become a Pokemon Master.
Jenny found the egg in her backpack!

So the hard events were gone, but what Team Flare managed to achieve was still covered in mistery!
To be continued...