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Pokemon Story: Part 19 - Lumiose Metropoly Welcome to!

by sucuri

sucuri In last part, out three heroes hit the Route 4, which leads to Lumiose City at the end of it. Mike had achieved his first Gym victory.
Before diving to read this one read previous parts 1-18.
Route 4 was especially grassy, but in the middle of it was a trail.
Mike, Jenny and Trumi happily hit the road. They took they time just to experience how many new Pokemon they can spot.
Jenny was especially impressed with colorful flowers around the road, so she went off trail and started to sneeze them.
They had nice smell.
" Stay back from those flowers, they are under protection." - mysterious voice said.
" Gal Gadot is my name, I am from Kalos region fauna protection unit." - she wore green jacket, and orangish pants. She had a cap, and her hairs were tied up.
" Sorry, miss, we did not know that, we just were amazed of the beauty of the flowers and just wanted to sneeze them" - said Trumi, who looked blushed, as if the Gal was in his type.
" You are fine as long as you do not pick them up. They are special flowers which are to be used for the pokemon" - Gal stressed. When she finished her sentence, the Pokemon which Mike saw for the first time, flew by. It was very small, but Jenny thought it was cute. It has long, white ears, and its tail is green.
" Its called Flabebe, and once in their life, they look for certain type of flower which they keep forever." - the girl said. " They have peaceful personality, but are able to fight well when needed." - at this time Mike saw Jenny's eyes shine like gold. He knew that she wants to catch it. When Flabebe flew to white flowers, Jenny threw her PokeBall. It went in, and ball started to shake. One shake, two shakes, and puf, Flabebe was caught.
" Sorry, Gal, I couldn't resist but to catch it" - Jenny said. But by the look of Gal, Jenny did not feel bad about that. " Floette let's do fight with this lady here!" - Gal said, and challenged Jenny for one on one fight.
Gal's Floette was ready to fight, while Jenny little bit hesitant chose her Pokemon. Her partner will be Bulbasaur, while she decided that Flabebe will be watching the fight, sitting on her shoulder.
The battle was very intense, and Mike was eager to find out how well of battler is Gal. Trumi looked even closer, because she was amazed by her beauty.
Jenny started with Vine Whip, while Floette dodged it, and attacked with Razor Leaf. Bulbasaur got hit but it was still able to fight. Jenny decided to go with Leech Seed, while Floette went with Fairy Wind. Bulbasaur though, managed to dodge it. Thanks to Leech Seed, bulb Pokemon got some of his health back. Now Jenny needed to stall out this battle as long as possible, and Floette will be worn out. Flabebe on Jenny's shoulder looked happy and watched the action closely.
Floette used Energy Ball, after using Grassy Terrain. The Energy Ball had got extra power and the attack hit Bulbasaur. It was almost out, but its ability Overgrown had made its attacks stronger. So, Jenny decided to go with Solar Beam. It needed to wait though, so Gal commanded Floette to use Fairy Wind. Luckily, Bulbasaur managed to survive that one. So, it shot the beam, and Floette got hit. But, Gal and her Fairy Pokemon did not want to give up, it managed to stand its ground. Floette used Razor Leaf, but right before attack would hit, Jenny returned her Bulbasaur to PokeBall. She knew battle was over, and did not want to push Bulbasaur harder.
" It was good battle, as You can see Floette can battle well, although their looks is rather cute." - Gal said. After the battle, they went to Secret Base of Gal near the route. They ate lunch there, and all of them were able to feed Pokemon friends too. Gal was very impressed with seeing so many different Pokemon. Flabebe looked happy, and had bonded with Jenny quite well.

After the lunch they say goodbye to Gal and followed Route 4, passing the amazing fountain, which ended on the gate right to the Lumiose City.
" Guys, we will meet at prof. Sycamore lab, I need to do some stuff and find Stone Shop. Besides, I wouldn't like to interpurt in Your time here. This city has a lot to offer for a couple, so take Your time." - Trumi said, and waived his hand to them.

They crossed the gate, and were overwhelmed how big the city was. They did not know were to go, so they went right to the Lumiose Prism Tower. They ate some macarons, then ice creams and just enjoyed their time in the city. The city amazed them, and as evening was close they started to feel tired. So they find nice Pokemon Motel and rent a room there.

To be continued....