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Pokemon Adventures with Jeff: Part 1, The Journey Begins

by JeffEliteTrainer637

January 17, 2004, a baby boy and a baby eevee were born. The boy was named Jeff, ever since that day Jeff and eevee were always so close.
Seven Years Later.
"I can't believe it!" I, Jeff yelled at the top of my lungs "I'm going to be a Pokemon trainer 3 years early."
"Jeff, remember its a lots of responsibility to take care of Pokemon," said my Dad.
"Dad, I already have a Pokemon, eevee, remember," I replied.
"I mean multiple Pokemon, eevee is no problem because you two are soulmates. This is more work than you think."
"I know, Dad, I'll be OK."
"Be safe," said my mom.
"I will," I replied.
So I headed of from Curulean City to Pallet Town.
To be continued.