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Union Adventures: Part 1: Flash-Back

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover The first part of my new series Union Adventures! Enjoy the introduction of the adventure of a boy named Hugo, who is going to start his journey! #summercamp15
This is the story of a young boy named Hugo. Today is his tenth birthday. But this story doesn’t begin on that day. This story begins three years earlier. Hugo woke up on his seventh birthday. As he walked down the stairs, he was greeted by his father. ‘Happy birthday, son!’ He said. ‘I have a very nice present for you! Please, follow me outside.’ As they walked outside, they were greeted by the postman. ‘Good morning, Dave. Good morning, Hugo. And a happy birthday! This is for you!’ He said happily, and he gave Hugo a strange box. ‘Thanks Max.’ Hugo said. ‘Wow, this sure is heavy! What’s in it, Max?’ His father, Dave, grinned. ‘Open it, and find out.’ Hugo carefully put the box on the ground, and opened it. There was an egg inside. ‘It’s a Pokémon egg! Which Pokémon is inside, dad?’ Dave grinned again. ‘Time will tell.’ Two months later, the egg hatched into a healthy Riolu. His father, who was once an assistant of Professor Elm one day, confirmed that it was male. Hugo nicknamed it Rono, and the two of them became close friends.

Now, we are going back to his tenth birthday. Let’s see what Hugo will do on his tenth birthday….