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the adventers of team moon: part 0/meet the crew!

by vergames

vergames meet the crew to my new series! team moon!
moon the umbreon/a umbreon with glasses green rings and stripes! the odd one out of his Eevee siblings! he found a moon stone and became a umbreon! he is the leader of team moon

volt the pikachu!/a part time inventor but is not that great at it....heck most the time his inventors ethier dont work or they explode but when they do they help moon and the rest out of sticky situations he has a helper-chu bot that helps him out but it does not work most the time!

snake the snivy/snake is a snivy with a purple riped scarf! has purple eyes! and has bandges on him he is the protector of the team before he joined he had a few tusles with strong and dangerous pokemon!

mystic the espeon!/she has a lab coat and is the brains of the team she works with cemicals but does do inventions! better then volt i might add so she does most of the complacated stuff