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Pansage redesign

by Hybird Ragdoll

Hybird Ragdoll Ok so I had this drawing for a while and so I wanted to submit it :3
Basically I will do redesigns from pokemon that are mostly hated by the community so I started with lil Pansage
  1. Hybird Ragdoll
    Hybird Ragdoll
    @riverunner AAAAAH, THANK YA SO MUCH!!!!
    I actually like as well the monkey trio so for that reason I started with them, I'm really speechless now because Idk how to response you correctly but jeez thank ya
    Jan 18, 2020
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  2. Riverrunner
    As someone who genuinely likes the Unova monkey trio—this is absolutely adorable. I love the addition of the neck fluff, and the subtle changes in the ratios of green/tan fur (the little “socks” and “gloves” are adorable)! Plus, your art style is so cute, it suits the redesign perfectly.
    Jan 18, 2020
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