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Painted Dragonite

by Irischroma

dragonite copy  smaller.png
  1. Moxxie the ultimate imp
    Moxxie the ultimate imp
    This is a masterpiece 100/100
    Sep 29, 2021
  2. Dr. Smug
    Dr. Smug
    MIND. BLOWN. This drawing is amazing, 10/10!
    Sep 24, 2021
  3. Eevee3600
    Sep 23, 2021
  4. =Nightshade=
    This is dope! The lighting is incredible *****
    Sep 18, 2021
    Dr. Smug likes this.
  5. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    This looks absolutely amazing! :o Great job on it!
    Sep 13, 2021