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Ancient New Chronicles of the Six Gods': Page 5, Mystical Plants and Confusing Magic

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ Alexandra begins to practice magic; though it seems a little confusing at a glance, thankfully there is some help~
(Tagging squad: @RenzFlintrock , @PlayfulFox47 )
‘Alright, let’s see here... gold and silver magic is a strange type, oft requiring components other than aura focus to perform most spells, such as heather sprigs or black ivy, wait, what’s black ivy?’ *Alexandra placed the books on a table before reading aloud*

[color=ff9999]‘It is a sacred plant that grows around shrines much like this one.’[/color]


[color=ff9999]‘I am a Magic Analysis and Practice Tester, MAPT.’[/color]

‘So you can help me out then?’

[color=ff9999]‘Yes, as I must.’[/color]

‘Okay then, I’ll continue reading... Basic Combat Spell 1: Ororin’s Stars, toss a deep purple flower towards target whilst imagining a set of three stars. How am I supposed to get a deep purple flower?’

[color=ff9999]‘Here is one that will return to your hand once a spell has been completed.’ *a light pink-ish and purple-ish starry aura-like arm appeared holding a glittery deep purple flower*[/color]

‘Oh? Well, thanks, I guess...?’ *Alexandra took the flower*

[color=ff9999]‘You are most welcome.’ *the starry aura-like arm faded away*[/color]

‘Okay, think... a set of three stars... Ororin’s Stars!’ *Alexandra tossed the glittery deep purple flower, a couple golden sparks fell from it as it glided back into her hand*

[color=ff9999]‘You need more aura focus, easily attained by an actual or perceived threat being present’ *a wispy, silver human-like shape appeared about a metre away from Alexandra*[/color]

‘Wha-? Oh, um... Ororin’s Stars...!’ *Alexandra threw the flower at the silvery spirit, several stars shot out from the stem of it towards the spirit as Alexandra re-grabbed hold of the flower*

[color=ff9999]‘Very well done.’[/color]

‘Thanks! Let’s see... Basic Utility Spell 1: Tamaka no Sikuka, what does that mean?'

[color=ff9999]‘It means Light of Crystals’ *the silvery spirit disappeared*[/color]

‘Okay... wait, the explanation for how to cast the spell is all smudged!’

[color=ff9999]‘Strange. I will alert Mistress Akira as soon as possible.’[/color]
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  1. ~Rinko~
    Sorry it took so long and it's quite a bit shorter than the others, but it's here at least.

    ...Though some of the colour tags aren't working...
    Nov 8, 2019
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