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Oscar's Kanto Quest: Oscar's Kanto Quest ep.7 Master

by Masterofmalor

Masterofmalor Join 13 year old Oscar and his partner Mikey the Tyrogue as they begin their first ever journey through Kanto. What will they discover?, who will they meet? Read on to find out!
As soon as I stepped out of the Pewter City Gym it dawned on me what just happened I won my first Gym Badge. With that realization I ran towards the Pokémon Center with exuberance and as soon as my team was healed I called them out of their balls. "WE WON GUYS, WE WON" I cheered, all of my Pokémon. Blastoise who was waiting at the Pokémon Center noticed our happy faces and gave me a slap on the back "not bad kid, ya beat one Gym. Granted I single handedly beat Brock when Rose and I went to challenge it but" he soon trailed off, rambling. He still managed to surprise me when he said "hey Oscar, uhhhh I don't really know how to put this, but they kinda broke my Pokeball when I was with Rose. So you can actually keep me in one." I was about to ask why he would keep that from us but he continued "I just didn't know whether I should trust you or not, but now I know, you're alright kid." He then seemed to pull out a pokeball off of a nearby counter (don't ask where or how he got it) and looked for my approval. I nodded once, took the ball and pressed it against his forehead. The red ball shook three times and with a soft ping I smirked "I still have a promise, and I'm going to keep it" I thought to myself "Just, no surprise water-type moves, ok?"

With Blastoise relaxing calmly I gave my team of 3 (+Blastoise) to Nurse Joy who healed them up. I looked towards the east and towards our next massive obstacle. Mt. Moon. While my team was being healed I looked at the small case which contained the TM I chose, it was different than the other TMS in the display Brock showed me. The title read "Rock Polish" and I thought about teaching it to Colossus, but decided I might want to wait and see how it goes seeing as how speed wasn't his forte. After everyone was in prime fighting condition, we set off towards route 4.

About a half-hour later we saw it. A large mountain piercing the sky open with its point. Brock's throne had nothing on this thing. When entering the base of the massive tower. I saw a small Pokémon Center, and next to it was a man with a small fish tank. "MAGIKARP FOR ¥500" I looked at him befuddled, then approached him. "excuse me, why are you selling Pokémon? Outside of a Pokémon Breeder and Professors, that's illegal…right?" I asked nicely. He looked at me with a defeated glare and said "kid, I've been doing this for 5 years and no one's noticed, they think this is the deal of the century right here. Even if you call the cops and they arrest me. Some other guy will take my place. It's a vicious cycle. Now beat it" he said shoving me onto the floor. The fall made Tyoge's Pokeball come undone. "HEY WHAT A' YOU DOING TO OSCA'" she shouted, not yet able to pronounce her R sound yet. I was barely able to hold her back from giving this man a punch in the face. "Come on Tyoge, he's not worth it." I said, a little louder than I would have liked. "WHO YOU CALLING NOT WORTH IT" the man yelled. He then reached for his belt, of…. About 20 Pokeballs. I want to say that it was a very difficult fight which brought me and my team to a breaking point.

That would be a lie however, they were all Magikarps. 20, FREAKING MAGIKARPS! So after that exhausting moment, he simply ran off shouting about "REVENGE!" while tripping repeatedly down the path. That went nowhere I remarked to myself before entering the Mountain. As soon as I stepped foot inside the cavern. I heard a faint grumbling noise. Thinking nothing of it I kept my path towards what seemed to be a natural staircase of rock. When I reached it however, the stairs seemed to move, each individual piece falling out. Then the stone remnants started making a strange noise, then I discovered… they were all Geodudes, and they were all pretty mad at me. Arceus knows why.

The first wave released a series of Rollout attacks with a cry of their name "GEO" I barely managed to avoid one strike in particular, which hit the wall causing shrapnel to nearly grazing my back. I quickly got out Mikey's Pokeball. "MIKEY, LET'S GO" I shouted as the Fighting type shot out of the ball. He quickly sprang into action, releasing a string of Mach Punches at each Geodude, not only reflecting the new string of Rock Blasts they shot, but taking out about 9 of the Geodudes with fast, deadly precision. It was then I heard a faint voice call out "Low Sweep. GO" and I saw a flash of blue and almost instantly nearly all of the Geodudes went down. Only about 4 remaining, and they all ran for cover. I then heard the source of the voice. A young woman in her mid-20s who was pulling an ID card out of her purse. "hey kid, you got some talent, how's about I help you refine it" she said while pulling out a badge. The mark of an elemental master.

For those who aren't aware. Elemental master is sort of roaming Gym Leaders, but with a twist. Gym Leaders help you learn how to counter a specific type (I.E Brock would help you learn how to beat Rock Types.) Elemental masters teach you how to USE a specific type (I.E an elemental master who specialized in Poison types would teach me how to best you a poison type Pokémon, like how to best have it counter psychic or ground type moves.) There are masters for every type and several of each type roam each region. My father was actually good friends with 2 Bug masters from Sinnoh. Elemental master, like this woman, often accompany travelers who wish for help and monitor their growth or progress. I've heard that becoming an elemental master takes plenty of time, effort, and skill. The ex-champion Alder once tried to become a Bug-type Master, but was refused due to his lack of knowledge of Pokémon within the type. To summarize, Elemental masters are powerful trainers who guide others to truly understanding Pokémon within s specific type.

This woman, who identified herself as Alexandria. Was about 5'11, easily towering over my young 5'6 heights. She was very tan which was further emphasized her bulky figure. She then began to speak with a powerful voice only gained through countless years as a leader. "those Geodudes have been pestering travelers for the past week or so. Usually they're no big deal but when I saw your Tyrogue I decided to step in. I want you to tell me what has happened in your adventure so far" so I quickly explained everything. From my battle with Lisa, to the forest incident and the Meccha. Alex was listening thoroughly. By the time I was finished, we had reached the exit of the cave. We stepped out into the afternoon sun "if you don't mind, I am going to assume you'll be taking on Sorell at the Cerulean Gym, I would like to help you." She extended her hand and I shook it gratefully, just then I heard a shake. "THE EGG" I realized, throwing out all of my Pokémon and finally pulling out the egg. The egg began to shake before finally cracking and I saw a little red paw come out. It was a Vulpix. The Vulpix broke the rest of the egg before finally stumbling over to me and resting on my foot. It gave a soft mew before seeming to fall asleep "is she my little sista'" Tyoge asked. "no, not yet at least, let's head to a Pokémon center to get her in shape" we then walked the rest of the way at a calm pace for the Vulpix with me softly singing some lullaby's my Mom used to sing. Alexandria was patient, clearly eager to start training but understanding I wanted to let Vulpix rest.

When we reached the center. The Nurse Joy took Vulpix and was in the process of healing her when I saw Alex resting her hand on my shoulder. "While that's happening, I thought I might want to test you on your knowledge of the Fighting type, to see what I'm working with."

She then quizzed me on several questions about various fighting types. Most of them I knew from my experiences with Brawly however questions asking about specific moves left me rather confused. The questioning went on, ranging from the usual highest stats of a Medicham to the weaknesses of a Hawlucha. She actually calculated my answers on a small tablet and when Vulpix came back I got my results "72% for a trainer with only 1 badge and four Pokémon, that's pretty impressive. I think it's best that we work on expanding your Pokémon moveset's I'll help them practice new techniques to try and beef them up a little. "let's head over to the field we passed on the way here" she proposed and we walked on, Vulpix curled up in my arms.

When we reached the field, my entire party was assembled. I then pulled out my Pokegear to look at its Stats mode while reading Vulpix. "SPECIAL ATTACK, HIGHEST STAT, DEFENSE, LOWEST STAT, NATURE= HASTY." "MOVES=WILL O WISP, TACKLE" with that the machine collapsed in on itself in a neat little fashion before I started to Rub Vulpix's ear. "your pretty powerful aren't ya, ya little wisper" I said in a voice that you would use on a little kid or puppy. Her eyes shone when I finished the sentence and I went on "Wisp ya like that name don't ya' "she nodded and said "Yes, I promise I shall help you in any way I can, Master" I took a step back, not expecting that much… diction from her voice. A surprisingly graceful melodic tone. Alex then said "Will O Wisp is actually quite an effective move in a double battle. If the other Pokémon had guts, this could trigger the effect, then simply eating a Rawst Berry would eliminate the Burn." I sat listening to her words. "NOW LET'S GET TRAINING" she hollered!

So here goes chapter 7, I actually thought of the idea of the elemental master while writing this chapter, and so I have several questions to ask you.

1.) Do you want to see the questions that were asked of Oscar by Alexandria?

2.) Should I include more elemental masters?

PM me your answers and I'll try and write up the next chapters based on your interests, with that said may the light of malor flow through you.

The team (so far)
Tyrouge (Mikey): Steadfast. Mach punch, tackle, counter [male]

Machop: (Tyoge) No guard. Dynamic Punch, bulk up, pound. [Female]

Rhyhorn (Colossus) Lightning rod: horn attack, rock tomb. [Male]

Vulpix (Wisp) Flash fire: will-o-wisp, tackle. Hidden Power [female]