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Sprite Work: Original Sprite - Elephink

by ViraiZeon

Elephink Pokemon - Original Sprite.png
ViraiZeon Another sprite I made entirely from scratch. I quite enjoy making my own sprites rather than using official sprites, it's more challenging and helps improve my spriting skills. The Pokemon (Fan-Pokemon) I sprited today is Elephink, the Elephant Pokemon. Elephink's body is covered in soft, fuzzy fur. This fur is known to smell like bubblegum and is able to become sticky whenever Elephink wants it to.

You can see my other original Pokemon sprite here:

I hope you like it :3
  1. SurgingCitrus
    This design is also on Pokéstadium. How do I know this, well I was surprised that she appeared on stadium, as do I. If you're going to check out the website, I don't have any (approved D:) sprites on there... yet...
    Jun 9, 2015