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Origin of Kyu and Adrian Part Three: Admitting

by Kyu Gardevoir

Kyu Gardevoir
Adrian walked with her and,still salty over what trucy said,took her to a food place. He already knew how bad it was gonna be to his wallet but he has been saving up a lot for this moment so there's literally no way she can blow 675$
He took her to a really fancy buffet so that he wouldn't have to pay over 500$ worth of food like last time they went out eating but he didn't really want to take her to a common place either,this was there first "date" that they had and he's thinking of confessing to her after the movie but the sheer thought of it almost makes him sweating nervous
He walked with her to the main area of the buffet where there was a stand and a sophisticated looking man stood behind,having a suit and a nice clean cut on his hair with black pants "hello and welcome to the azure restaurant where we allow any Pokémon to eat here with there trainers,have you brought a Pokémon with you to dine with us tonight?" He said with a slight British accent and Adrian shook his head "no no it's just me and her for today" he said and then the man smiled a devious playful smile "ahhh so we are getting the couples special for today eh?" He said and trucy blushed at that and shook her head "n-no no no we arnt a couple" she said much to Adrian's dissapointment and then he just said "s-she's just playing around yes we are" he said and the man ringed them up "we will deliver the bill later,enjoy eating here you two" he said winking at Adrian and Adrian quickly took trucy to a table "u-ummm care to explain Adrian?" She asked and Adrian just said "hey look there's a lot of food here,you better get some before everyone takes it" he said quickly and trucys eyes sparkled "oh really?! The food here smells amazing!!" She said as she ran off to get a plate to gather some food while Adrian calmly followed behind her sighing in relief "that was close" he thought to himself as he got himself a plate and started checking out the food
After eating a lot of food Adrian decides to make some small talk with trucy "hey,are your red eyes natural? They're like,really anime looking and they look so cool!" He said and she smirked "yep yep! They are one hundred percent natural,and thanks" she said with a smile
After Adrian payed for the meal he took her to the haunted mansion,apparently from what he heard,he even heard they use ghost Pokémon to make it more scarier,so after many bad jokes and laughing later,they made it to the mansion
Halfway into the haunted mansion,a gengar fazed through the wall in front of them and let out an eerie screech,both Adrian and trucy yelled and trucy held tight to Adrian's arms and shoulder,not that he was complaining. He took a look at her shivering on him "wow......she can easily break my spine and body without effort,yet she looks so vulnerable and she can get scared......" he thought as they went on,getting horrified by more and more things
After dealing with all of that,they left the mansion. Adrian was a little shaken up from the experience but trucy was shaking as she held on to his arm,even after reassuring her that nothing will happen she still held on to him,after a while of them walking and talking Adrian checked his watch and the movie started in about half an hour
"Ok trucy let's go,this movie will be sweet!" He said and trucy didn't say anything as she looked down with a pink blush on her face while she was in thought and Adrian looked at her "what's wrong? We've been planning this for a week,something wrong?" He asked and she looked up at him,with her face looking slightly embarrassed "u-umm Adrian?" She said and he raised his eyebrow "yeah?" He said and after a moment of silence trucy said "c-can you umm carry me there? I-I'm still a little shaken up from the haunted place" she said holding onto him tighter and Adrian did his best to keep his cool "holy crap holy crap HOLY CRAP!! One of the cutest and hottest girls in the school is asking if I can carry her,even though we've been friends for a bit she's friends with a lot of other people so I thought I wasn't too important but oh my god this is a once in a lifetime opportunity don't mess this up" he thought as he gave a casual kind smile and shrugged "what the heck sure I'll do it" he said as he bent down and got her legs and he carried her bridal style,he could hardly believe how smooth he was and she buried her face into his chest and she fully relaxed in his arms,she was shivering slightly
Adrian was in shock as he carried her to the movie theaters "she can snap me in two like a twig and she has such an energetic personality,but she can be vulnerable and scared and cute at the same time,man.....this is crazy" he thought as he carried her to the movies

Once they got there and he put her down,he showed his tickets to the man and the theatres was crowded with people,especially someone he particularly doesn't like
There was a tall boy with two smaller but still large guys with him,he was tall and was the definition of a jock,he had pants and a football symbol on his shirt,he walked on over to Adrian and trucy and he had his grin "well well well if it isn't the nerd huh? Seriously your so weak looking,have you ever heard of the gym nerd?" He said with a laugh as he high fived his two lackeys with him
Adrian groaned as he rubbed his temples "please I'm having a good night with trucy here,we'll deal with this later dude" he said as the tall jock just looked at her "well damn,she's the popular girl everyone's all drooling about eh? She's pretty hot,hey trucy how bout ditching this dork and coming with a real man" he said with a suave smile,then all of a sudden he yelped in pain as he got kicked in between the legs by her and then she picked him up over her shoulder and she dropped him hard on the ground and she kicked his chest "I am with a real man,he's a amazing friend of mine and you won't ruin this,dork" she said as she glared at the other two and they just stayed quiet as they held up there beaten friend and walked off
As Adrian watched that he wasn't really shocked but he was a bit dissapointed he couldn't do that himself,everyone around him was shocked at what happened and one guy whispered to Adrian "your so god damn lucky dude" he said as Adrian got the snacks they needed for the movie,he got two large popcorns and a bunch of candy for trucy
After they went into the theatres they started watching (insert action movie here) and Adrian smiled "this movie is so cool!" He whispered to trucy and she was eating some of her candy and she nodded
Adrian took this moment to look at trucy and to really think on how far he has come "man......I never thought this would happen,hanging out with the coolest and most beautiful girl I've ever met,and before I could barley talk to any girl without stuttering,now I'm with her......this is the best day in my entire life" he thought as he sighed in happiness and watched on to the movie

After the movie ended they walked back to trucys house talking a lot about how cool the movie was and they were doing impersonations of the characters in the movie and overall laughing a lot
They were walking down some stairs that led to the road to her house "Adrian thanks for everything,you like me for who I am and not just my looks,I really appreciate I-eeep!!!" She yelled as she tripped and she unconsciously held on to Adrian's arm and since he wasn't expecting it,he fell down as well,midway of falling he flipped her on top of him and he held her as he crashed down the stairs and they reached the very bottom,trucy was shaken but otherwise ok but Adrian's back was in a lot of pain,he was about to groan in pain but once they hit the bottom her lips crashed into his and once they were settled they just looked in each other's eyes as there lips were just still and still locked together,Adrian was thinking a million things "oh my god how could I be so stupid!!!! Now she won't forgive me for this,why me?!" He thought as he looked on to her eyes scared at what she would say or do,after a few seconds he saw in shock that her eyes were slowly closing and she started moving her lips against his,kissing him and Adrian's face grew dark red "I.....I have no words....her lips are so soft!!"he thought and,almost out of instinct he slowly closed his eyes and he moved his lips against hers,soon there eyes closed and they just enjoyed each other's embrace while in Adrian's mind there was a million fireworks going off and he began kissing a bit deeper "don't go too far Adrian,you don't want to scare her" he thought as he slowly deepened the kiss and he rubbed her back slowly,she went tense for a few seconds and he thought he went too far,then she has her hands on his chest and she also deepened the kiss as well,there tounge touching together and instead of just fighting for dominance,it felt like they melted together and they just gently explored each other's mouths
After a minute or so but what felt like an eternity,Adrian slowly broke the kiss to have a breather and when he released the kiss he saw a thin line of saliva between there toungs,he was a bit out a breath and was breathing a bit heavily,trucy was panting and her cheeks were a dark red color,she didn't bother cleaning the line of Saliva that was still between there tounges and they just stared into each other's eyes for a while before Adrian broke the silence "trucy....I want to be with you,you make me feel something that no other person will make me feel like....I'm in love with you" he said blushing slightly and she blushed even harder at his confession "Adrian I....I didn't think you thought of me like this....that's why I kept on saying we were just friends but today made me realize......I'm madly in love with you Adrian corona" she said kissing him again and he more than happily gave it back,even though they were on the bottom of stairs and Adrian still had that throbbing pain in his back,they both didn't care and just wanted each other's embrace and love

After a few minutes Adrian stood up carrying her "my back hurts like hell heh,so are we...." he said and she just smirked at him "yeah...I guess we are" she said hugging him and he smiled as he carried her to her house
After a while,once he reached the house he gently put her down and he smiled "I guess I'll see you tommorow...I love you trucy" he said and she blushed and hid her face "i love you too,it's getting late,I'll see you soon Adrian" she said and Adrian walked home,sure it didn't go EXACTLY as planned but he was pretty happy from what things had turned out to be,he rubbed his back "ow! This still hurts a lot"
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