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Ordering Pokemon Introduction

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn Listen to me old tale.............................................
Hey people to Order a Pokemon! Go here to order a Pokemon! What ya need to do is make a specific order about exactly how ya want it, and it is delivered to you in a week or less, if it takes more time than that it's money back guaranteed! (You're not actually paying in the first place, it's free). So now let's look at our first order. I'm Jeff Mcarthy the businessman, and we'll be back after a word from our sponsers!
Baked Beans! Baked Beans! Buy......... Baked Beans! Baked Beans! The more you eat the more you toot! Baked Beans! Baked Beans!
And we are back! The first person to order is young NyanArmadillo! He has ordered a plain plain plain magikarp, with no sides! Let's see him receive it!
"Yay my Pokemon is here!"
"Karp! Karp! Magikarp!"
"Eeeeeew this Magikarp is golden, I want a refund!!!!!!!!!!!"
Never ya little brat! Let's have someone nicer order, comealong order a Pokemon!
(Also if someone wants to make the Baked Beans commercial in videp form go ahead, if you want a commercial in your order then leave me a link to the video for it that YOU made)
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  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    You can really order and put commercial in video forms! Do it! Do it!
    Mar 9, 2016