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One and Only

by AssassinGallade

AssassinGallade Nobody likes Magikarp that much but maybe this will change your mind.
Magikarp oh Magikarp they call you the weakest Pokemon but I don't believe them you have potential. Think about it, in any Pokemon you get excited OMG I got a fishing rod. Maybe now I can catch that Seaking or maybe a sharpedo! What's this oh it's a Magikarp let me catch darn regular Pokeballs aren't working! Wonder why because Magikarp has potential it is a Pokemon like no other you want to catch a Magikarp, you want that Gyrados oh but no! It's to much work 4 you so u leave that poor Magikarp in your PC and never look at it but that's why Magikarp is special! To evolve amp Magikarp takes patience and a strong hearted trainer so go go grab that Magikarp out of your PC and train it! Train it like you never would have imagined! And maybe that will be the One And Only
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