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by NightRaven

NightRaven You may easily notice how so much had been screwed up, but I spent a while on it. It was hard to draw the title symbol xD

Just so you know, this was far from easy.

Also, if anything is incorrect in the design, I had forgotten the markings...

I hope you enjoy it.

(I'm aware that the title writing is different from what I drew, but there wasn't any matching brush...)

The character don't belong to be; they belong to the creators of Okami (along with Capcom, I guess)
  1. EonTheLatias
    Amaterasu is probably my favorite nonhuman video game character.
    Also he's OP in Marvel VS Capcom
    Jun 5, 2016
  2. LokaMocha
    So cute!
    May 12, 2016
  3. NightRaven
    Thank you ^^ To be honest, I spent quite a bit of time on this, looking up character references, constant redoing, stress...
    All of that was worth it, but, hopefully, I'll redraw this in a much better style.
    May 12, 2016
  4. Andrewski
    They all look so cool!
    May 12, 2016
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