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Gaiien Region: Oh Cruel Fate: Impossum

by Keleri

impossum dex.png
Keleri (Does not evolve.)

#113 - Impossum (impossible + imp + opossum)
Faker Pokémon
Its 'dead' body is just a puppet--the real Pokémon has a mysterious appearance that it hides beneath it. It is rumored that it is cute and gentle-looking, so it adopted this frightening appearance as protection.

Base Stats: 55/50/105/90/80/96 (476)

Ability: Disguise/Wimp Out

Moveset: Splash, Astonish, Pound, Copycat, Double Team, Baby-Doll Eyes, Mimic, Charm, Pain Split, Screech, Substitute, Replicate, Curse, Destiny Bond, Hex, Shadow Ball, Ominous Wind, Foul Play, Baton Pass, Confide, Swift, Play Nice, Stockpile/Spit Up/Swallow, White Ball, Energy Beam, Energy Burst, Play Dead, Poison Gas, Growl, Tick Pick