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OC October Day 7 - Lucilla

by Maiden of Ghosts

Day 7 - Lucie.png
Maiden of Ghosts An upbeat and friendly Infernape, Lucilla is a scout-in-training in the Dragon’s Fang assassin guild. While she has the makings of a good scout in theory – quick reflexes and good agility are always useful for such a role – she can be overly reckless and tends to rush into danger more often than not. Still, both her mentor and the leaders of the guild believe she has promise.

When not training (or even during training), she’s usually found trading snarky remarks and playful jabs with her mentor, Prince the Weavile. Though they aren’t particularly open about it, almost the entire guild is aware that the mentor and apprentice duo have a casual, off-and-on sort of relationship going.


Still trying to catch up here! Due to being out the majority of the day, I had to whip up something pretty quickly before I ran out of time tonight and ended up two days behind on OC October instead of the current one. Hopefully tomorrow I can try to finally catch up by drawing two things. (I’m sure I’ll fall behind again soon, but hey, if I can get caught up before I start moving, then that’s hopefully one less day to make up for in the long run.)

I decided to draw my Infernape OC, Lucilla (Or Lucie), since she’s a character that I could feel okay with drawing fairly quickly and didn’t have to write an hour’s worth of backstory for. Plus I have a soft spot for her since she was originally an old OC based from a team I had in Platinum years and years ago. (Fun fact, a good portion of the Dragon’s Fang guild are old OCs from Pokemon games I played when I was around 14 or something.)