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oc league card

by kageyama

EF1C7B87-F3AD-446A-952F-21D10DE1F5D2.jpeg C786273B-F13D-41B3-A193-B474921AC040.jpeg
kageyama hi friends, it’s been a while :9 i don’t really do stuff on here anymore but i made pokémon art so…why not

i’m planning on making more of these but i don’t know if i’ll post them here. you can check out my instagram @ ziccem for art that i’ve posted :-)

program used: procreate on ipad pro
time elapsed: 4 hrs 53 minutes
  1. kageyama
    @Anunimuss WAH thank you
    Jul 6, 2021
  2. Anunimuss
    Wooowww this is amazing! I love the way you color it's so subtle but bold at the same time :love:
    *runs to follow you on IG*
    Jul 6, 2021