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Nyx the Litwick

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Hey everyone! Espe art once more! This is for @Zamcio 's Gotta Raise'm All challenge! My little hatchling here is Nyx.

Just a bit of info: (mainly for the task requirements for the contest. XD)

Note: the numbers are a quick way to check off the tasks.

Nyx (2) is a female (1) Litwick that hatched in Dragonsprial Tower, Unova (3). Her first sights were that of crumbling ruins and ferocious Dragon Type and Ghost Type Pokemon, such as Druggidon and Golett. While she wasn't scared or intimidated by the Pokemon, Nyx had a frightening encounter with a Golurk nearly lead to her first loss in battle, as she was called back to her Pokeball for experience, but an Earthquake nearly hit her as she was being retrieved. Since then she's had nightmares about the huge ghost type, which leads into a key feature in Nyx's appearance.

The Litwick, since that encounter, carries a Dreamcatcher (6) with her wherever she goes to prevent nightmares. However, despite her kind, fun loving, and loyal nature, Nyx can be quite the prankster when it comes to scaring people. She has a tiny obsession with Dreamcatchers and loves to collect all different kinds of them, but that usually requires her to steal them from others. That being said, at night, Nyx can be quite scary.

Nyx has the Ability Flash Fire (5), and also hatched with the move Shadow Ball. (4) Her father is a Macargo, caught by Nyx's trainer when on a trip to Hoenn, with that move, and her mother is a Lampent who is the Pokemon of Nyx's trianer's closest friend, but due to Nyx's immeasurable amount of siblings, hardly any of the Litwick in that family spend much time with their parents. (4)

Note 2: that's actually true. I transferred a Macargo from Emerald to Black and White a few years back, and then transferred that Macargo to Alpha sapphire, and my best friend actually transferred a Litwick over who evolved into a Lampent, which I've borrowed for the time being so I can actually get 'Nyx' into my Alpha Sapphire game. I'm not even sure if that'll be an upcoming challenge, but nonetheless I'm still doing it, for whatever reason I really want this Pokemon in my game. XD

Anyways, Enjoy!~