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Nuzlocke Pokemon X Chapter 1 A Shiny Starter

by Meggie Poo

Meggie Poo
We begin our story in Aquacorde Town. Our young heroine Megan has picked the nickname Li'l M. She got a Level 5 shiny male Fennekin from Tierno that she has nicknamed Dominic. He has a Gentle Nature and a Mischievous characteristic. She got the Pokedex from Trevor and the Professor's letter from Tierno. She got up from the seat and raced out toward Route 1 with a very happy Dominic by her side. She had to go back to her house and collect the Town Map and some extra clothes from her mom. Shauna races over to her. Shauna:"Hey Li'l M now that you and I both have a starter Pokemon do you want to have a battle?" Megan:"Sure!" Shauna:"Ok let's go my cute li'l Chespin!" Megan:"Go Dominic!" "Use Ember!" Shauna:"Chespin use Vine Whip!" A critical hit! Shauna:"Chespin use Tackle!" Me:"Ok use another Ember!" A critical hit! Chespin fainted and Dominic grew to Level 6. Shauna:"Aww I wanted to see my cute li'l Chespin win!" Megan:"Yes I won my first battle!" Shauna called her Chespin back sadly and gave Megan $500. She got a Potion out and healed Dominic. Shauna:"Tell your mom I said hi!" Megan:"I will!" Shauna:"Bye!" Dominic:"Megan why did I have to battle?" "I don't like to fight." Megan:"It's a Nuzlocke." "We have to battle and make our way to the Pokemon League by collecting gym badges." Dominic:"Nuzlocke?" "You mean I can die if I faint?" "I'm not doing it."
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  1. Meggie Poo
    Meggie Poo
    Yeah it is. Nuzlockes bring tears to your eyes when your pokemon die. It's cute to see them bond. Let's see if Megan and Dominic can get that shiny Charmander to join them. And if Megan can find a blue shiny Flabebe and white flower shiny Flabebe for her team and a shiny Abra.
    Jan 23, 2015
  2. Rollui
    It's great to see story Of people and pokemon together
    Dec 26, 2014
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  3. Meggie Poo
    Meggie Poo
    Thank you so much for tuning into the first part of my brand new pokemon X shiny Nuzlocke!
    Dec 23, 2014
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