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Adventures Through Friedon Region!: Nolan's Adventure Through Friedon!: Enter Disaster!

by Yoshiblaze

Yoshiblaze After Nolan kickstarted his adventure by catching a Kricketot, he starts traveling, seeking his first Gym Badge. But, as I teased last time, he comes across... A DISASTER! ~ Narrator
Route 531
"Off to see the leader, the wonderful leader of... uh... a town I don't know! Off to see the lead- Oh, hi, guys! Back for more, I see. I know, I'm irresistible... R-right? Anyway, if you don't already know, I'm Nolan. The Pokeball throwing, Pokemon battling, Solo traveling 13 year-old with a Pony! ..ta"

"Pon! (Hi!)" Ponyta neighed.

"Oh yeah. If you remember from last time, I never put Ponyta in its, er, her Pokeball. Turns out... she doesn't like it." Nolan explained as we fade into a flashback.

*About 29.52 minutes ago*
"Alright, Ponyta. I guess I should put you in your Pokeball" Nolan said
Nolan tried to return Ponyta to her Pokeball... but, she dodged the beam... and then Iron Tailed Nolan in the face.
"Well, you could've told me..." Nolan had said, very out of it

"So yeah... Anyway, Ponyta and I are out to become the GREATEST DUO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL TIME!" Nolan proclaimed "...Oh, and we caught a Kricketot, too!"
Nolan walked up Route 531, occasionally battling some of the wild Pokemon for training. As, Nolan was picking up a stray item, he was met by a random youngster.

"Hey, you!" said the Youngster

"you, Hey" retorted Nolan

"...Uh, ...So, are you a trainer?

"You know it"

"B-but that's why I asked" said the confused Young trainer

"..." said(?) Nolan

"... Anyway, that means we have to battle, then!"

"Alright. You'll be my first trainer battle!"

"Really? Awesome! By the way, my name is Jacoby" he said, walking to a tree to get ready.

"Alright. My name is Nolan. Remember it well, 'cuz you can say that you knew the greatest trainer of all time before he was famous!" Nolan moved to a different tree.

"Haha, they all say that... well, I battled the champion once, but we don't need to talk about that.... Anyway, go, Glameow!" Jacoby foreshadow-ingly said.
Glameow was sent out, saying "Glam, Glam!"

"Ooh, a kitty. Well, I got, a PONY! Go, Ponyta!" Nolan reacted
Ponyta stepped up.

"Okay, BATTLE BEGIN!" Jacoby exclaimed "Glameow's fast, so I get the first move."


"Glameow, Fury Swipes!"
Glameow lunged at Ponyta, scratching her multiple times.

"Hm, that seemed like it actually hurt a little. Ponyta, you okay there?" Nolan asked
Ponyta brushed off the hits
"That's my Epona!"

"Wrong franchise"

"Gasp You can break the 4th wall too?!" Nolan said amazed "...Anyway, Ponyta, Incinerate!"
While Ponyta charged up a fiery ball, a stranger rustled in a bush...

"Hm..." thought the strange female trainer in the bush
"Sol..." said her Pokemon
"Weak, but can definitely improve. AKA, easy pickings"...
"Absol, sol!" her Pokemon said, saying "Oh, yeah!"

"Glameow, Feint Attack!"
Glameow rammed into Ponyta without moving it's legs
"Ponyta, Iron Tail!"
Ponyta's flaming tail turns a hot metal-looking orange, and slams it into Glameow
"Fury Swipes!"
"Shock Wave!"
"Incinerate, once more!"

The trainer looked on
"They both look like optimal targets..." she whispered.

"Fake Out!" Jacoby foolishly decided
Glameow tried to Fake Out, but, it did nothing
"Oh yeah, that only works on the first turn..."
"Uh-huh. Ponyta, one more Iron Tail!" Nolan said
Ponyta uses her Iron Tail, which is able to KO Glameow!

"WE DID IT!" Nolan exclaimed
"Pon. Pon! (Yay. Yay!)" Ponyta celebrated

"Well, G-G, dude. I'm gonna head into the Pokemon Center in town now. Let's battle again sometime!" Jacoby said while walking to the next town

"Totally" Nolan said, but his focus was shifted when the mysterious stranger emerged from the bush

"Well, well, well. Trainer, you may call me.

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