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by Fraseandchico

Fraseandchico So, This Is The Profile For My Custom Undertale Character, Nikena!
Name: Nikena (sometimes referred To As ???)
Age: Unknown
Species: Human-Monster Hybrid
Gender: Male
Relations: Gaster-Adopted Dad, Sans- Friend, Asriel-Friend, Papyrus-Friend, Chara- Originally Friend, Wona- Robot Friend
Soul: Missing His Soul, But His Actual Soul Has All Traits, Mainly BRAVERY, Making His main Catchphrase 'I Am Filled With BRAVERY!'
Powers: Claws, Can Absorb Souls, Can Get Rid Of Or Absorb A Soul's Trait, Teleportation, Can Bring people Back To Life, But Only If Someone Who loves The Dead Person helps Him, Regeneration, Can Teleport.
Appearance: Purple Hoodie, With Mostly Missing Arm Bits On Hoodie, Peachy Skin, Golden Heart Locket(Empty), Black Face Mask(Covering Mouth), Red Eye(Controls Souls) And A Green Eye(Used For bringing People Back From The Dead), Black Claws, Black Jeans, black Shoes With Untied White Laces, Spiky Black Hair.
Goal: To Protect Anyone That Sans Is Friends With If He Were In Danger, However, He Cannot Interfere With The Timelines.
Personality: Willing To Protect, But Kinda Cold And Distant.
Story: Born Under Mount Ebott, he had No Idea How powerful His Soul Would Be, One Day, He Went Up The Mountain, As He Got To The Top, His Soul Was Taken From Him By A Shadow, Forcing Him To Fall(Conveintly) Next To Gaster's Lab, After Being Adopted, He Grew Up In The Lab, The King And Queen Never Knew About Him, But Asriel Did, And So Did Sans, Same With Chara, After Asriel And Chara's Deaths, He had To Escape, He made A Promise To Sans, To Protect Any One Who Sans Is Close To If he Is In Trouble, Gaster, Not Wanting Nikena To Die, Sacrificed Himself So Nikena Could Escape, By Jumping In The CORE, After Escaping, Nikena Could See All of The Timelines, And now Watches Frisk.