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Nico's Hoenn Protectors: Nico and the Hoenn Protectors issue 14: The Dewford Gym!

by Cryronn the Mudkip

Cryronn the Mudkip After getting off the boat, Cy and Alex decide to challenge the gym. Then, they start preparing for the contest! Avelyn: @Cloudswift Alex: @SpookyTheMimikyu Cy: @Akio and Cubone Opal: @Koopa6000 Yellow: @Yellow.anime Matt: @poimagic

Team Update:
Nico:Marshtomp, Slakoth, Nincada
Avelyn:Quillava, Azurill
Alex:Typhlosion, Kirlia, Seedot
Cy:Combusken, Nuzleaf, Tropius, Lotad, Nincada
Opal:Grovyle, Poochyena, Tailow
Yellow:pikachu, Omastar, Golem, Butterfree, Raticate, Dodrio
The group jumped onto shore, stretching and
getting ready to see what Dewford has to offer. "Hey, Alex! We should challenge the gym!" Said Cy, pointing in the direction of the gym. Alex shrugged. "Okay, let's do it!" Said Alex. The group walked into the gym and saw Brawly, punching a bag. Brawly realised they were here for a gym battle, so the match started. The referee yelled; "This will be a 2-on-2 double battle! Once both trainer's Pokemon are defeated, the match is won!"
Battle, BEGIN!
"Ralts, let's kick it!" Yelled Alex, sending out Ralts.
"Go, Tropius!" Yelled Cy, releasing it. Brawly called out Makuhita and Machop, and the battle really began. "Ralts, Confusion on Machop!" Yelled Alex. Ralts shot a ray of psychic at Machop, but it dodged, and it instead hit Makuhita. "Quick, Tropius, use Air Slash!" Called out Cy. The air slab struck both, and they faltered. "Machop, use Karate Chop on Tropius, and Makuhita, use knock off on Ralts!" Brawly yelled. The two were struck with the fierce physical attacks. Then, Ralts got up and started to glow. It grew until it had evolved into....
"Kirlia!" Yelled Nico from the sidelines. "Okay, Kirlia! Use your Magical Leaf!"
Yelled Alex. Kirlia sent a barrage of power leaves onto the two. Machop was fainted, but Makuhita stood its ground. "Finish this with another air slash!" Yelled Cy. Tropius shot a clean cut of air that was able to faint the Makuhita!
After the battle, Brawly rewarded them with the
shining Knuckle badge! Then, the others battled the gym, and they all headed out after those who fought gyms had won. Then, they took a break at the PMC. "Hey guys!" Said Avelyn, pointing at a poster. "We should go to the contest hall! The contest starts soon!" The others agreed and set off for the contest hall, ready to try out a contest!​