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new life reborn

by indugo gaming

indugo gaming a long tragic nuclear war was happening between two regions. But when a bomb hits a rhinoceros in Africa the people thought it would die but it came out as an animal Rhydon is what the people called it.Now they call them Pokemon

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all of the war and conflict and stuff that happens in this book is FAKE
once in a village in Russia a small short kid was walking the cows out of his barn.The boys family was very poor.It was getting cold so they would need to keep the cows in the barn till spring so none got stolen or killed.The boy had heard a terribly loud bang he knew what it was. He had a radio he heard the news.Nuclear war was going to happen he also heard a rino had been hit during a nuclear bomb dropping on a power plant the boy thought nothing of it.

I Africa a boy his mom and sister were sitting with not much to drink or eat.
two and a half hours later they stop talking and went home. They boy went out to get
some fish or water or something he could find.He went over 200 square miles to get some food it took him days to get there he got tons of fish here.Then as he slept comfortably on a bed shaped rock he here such a loud bang his ears popped he was terrified someone got hurt. he started on his way back.

When he got there he noticed everything gone destroyed and the power plant was destroyed he saw something moving.it looked like an animal the boy passed out just then because of nuclear radiation.

he woke up in a stone room with a rhino-like creature. He named it Rhydon. the boy and Rhydon became good friends then the boy grew up he needed to go to war.

they were fighting Russia the boy hoped on his rhydon then used it as a tank getting it to ram people
russians were trying to figure out how this creature was made.

they figured out how it was made from nuclear bombs.
so they shot nuclear bombs at all sorts of animals then sent them to war.
the war had gone wild and to many of these animals were here so they could not take them anymore. the guns dropped all army used nuclear animals.Years passed the human race was being taken over by these animals so all countries joined together to fight them.The humans won but we left lots of them left. now we use them for fun stuff like battling.

and the first animal still Ra manes.

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