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New Icon! (For WIP Fursona/OC)

by TwyxBar

Webp.net-gifmaker (1).gif Screenshot_2019-07-01-17-14-01.png Screenshot_2019-07-01-17-15-20.png
TwyxBar Original F2U base by Lowfy: https://www.deviantart.com/lowfy/art/F2U-Wolf-Icon-Base-710674024 (F2U Wolf Icon Base)

This Thing took 5 hours....Dont believe me? Ask @Lord Of Pain. Me, him and @TooBlue12 are in a chat together and I wasnt active much today....because I was doing this.....I had to do the first frame, add a photo layer of the first to the second to compare color and do the same for the others...than correct any mistakes I made, Merge ALL OF THE LAYERS ON EACH INDIVIDUAL FRAME....(Which was about 5 per frame) Go to a gif maker website...upload them in order, and add more copies of frame 1 to extend the loop and make it look more natural, Than had to do this agin because I didnt like the speed of the Gif....and now I've written this long rant as to how proud I am of this and how I wasted 5 hours on a 100×100 Icon of an OC I havent even made yet....XD
  1. Ghostsharkcat
    Its cute good job I probobly couldn't do this lol
    Jul 2, 2019
    Shadow Waltz likes this.