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New Avatar (Embertail Cheer)

by Curtkid

Embertail Cheer Colored.jpeg
Curtkid Just a new picture of EmbertaiI for my Pokecharms account. Experimented with Krita bit, think this looks a bit better then my previous colored pictures. If anyone wants to give me their opinion on which one looks better, please let me know.

You know, I almost can't believe I finally got around to coloring in my drawing, I mean, I've been procrastinating on doing it for so long. I guess I owe thanks to the user's and fellow artist's of this site for motivating me to finally getting around to it. I know there aren't many of you who see my drawings regularly, I know I still got a VERY long way to go before my art can compare to some of the people I look to for inspiration. But at least a few of you like my silly little Pokemon drawings, and that's enough.

Sorry, got a little sentimental there, expect something new soon!