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New Alola Pokemon Doodles

by Curtkid

Alola Doodles.jpeg
Curtkid Just some doodles of the new Alola Pokemon I sketched up yesterday....

1. Just a doodle of an Alola Marowak, which I'm really digging, but I think it looks even more awesome with flame eyes.

2. The first thing I thought when I saw the Alola Raichu was "Someone needs to draw that thing with some Sunglasses while catching some waves". Decided to get a jump on it before someone more talented them me did it.

3. Becareful where you put your shovel when building sandcastles folks...(Poor Embertail...don't worry folks, he's just startled, he'll be fine)

Pokemon is copyright Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, and a few other companies....like Niantic now, maybe.....
  1. GalacticDeg
    The bottom right one is sad, that Charmander is not ever coming back :(
    (He would suffocate D:) Please do a second pic where he beats up the Sunabaa and survives :D
    Aug 14, 2016