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Pokébaby contest: Nayru's Gift

by crazyone

crazyone Second picture I made for @Zamcio 's baby contest
(Read task 6 for the story behind this picture and yes I misspelled psychic in the picture)

Task 1: What is the gender of your PokéBaby?

Task 2: Give your PokéBaby a name!
Task 3: Set your location.
Hatched in the Hoenn region at Petalburg Woods
Task 4: Tell us something about the parents - choose breeding move.
While I was seeking out to complete my pokédex I came across a Pokégg in the middle of victory road. Curious to where the parent pokémon were since many pokémon tend to be very protective and gaurd their eggs, I grabbed the egg and made my way back to the pokémon center to recover my pokémon.

After a few days of exploring the region the egg finally began to hatch, since I was almost done with my pokédex I have had some good guesses to what pokémon it could be, but to my surprise it was a ralts, a shiny ralts at that. How did that egg get there then? I thought to myself Gardevoir's don't xplore there and Gallades are a rarity and non-exsistant in that place. Not long after she hatched I decided to take care of her and name her Nayru because she seemed to like the name.

When she was finally able to attack I discovered she could scare pokémon in place with just a look, later I discovered that the move is called mean look and it is uncommon for Nayru to get unless one of her parents had that move.
Task 5: Be a-bit-little-ly serious! (choose the ability)
Her ability is telepathy
Task 6: Make some memories of the first sight of the newly hatched PokéBaby!
After a few days of caring of her I decided to give her a powerful psychic move she could use, she now knows the move psychic and I figured to give her a little something to help her in some way so handed her a Focus sash so she has something nice to wear and is useful in battle.