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Stellé Region: Mythical Fakemon - Nyarphi

by 016_The_Electric_Dream

016_The_Electric_Dream Nyarphi (ニャーフィー Nyāfī, "Nyarphi") is the Psychic/Dragon Mythical of the Stellé Region. It resembles a black cat with a white nose, and white insides of the ears. It has two thick, straight whiskers on each side of the head. Between the ears is some brown fur resembling a short human hairstyle, sticking up at a point in the front. Nyarphi's large sky-blue eyes are highly reflective, with thin, lightning bolt shaped pupils. It appears to be wearing a fuchsia vest with the Roman numerals XIII on it; short yellow sleeves are also visible. Lastly, it has dark brown "mittens". (Shiny Nyarphi switches the roles of black and white, has azure "mittens", and the vest and sleeves have more pastel shades.)

It is 3' 3" tall and weighs 70.5 pounds. Its stats are 100 all around for a total of 600 - like Mew. Nyarphi's signature ability is Mindset Power: its stats lower twice as much, but the lower its stats, the more likely it is to land a critical hit.

LIBERTY Dex: This Pokémon seems to be exceptional at fixing what it can, even though its mere presence causes catastrophes. It's said to be a symbol of misfortune.

JUSTICE Dex: It causes disasters wherever it goes, to the point it has an adage with its name on it - Nyarphi's Law: what can go wrong, will. But it seems to be optimistic.

Nyarphi is based off of Milo Murphy, the protagonist of a certain obscure cartoon (which you can start watching by clicking on the link,) as well as classic superstitious motifs of bad luck (black cats, 13, and broken mirrors.) The mention of "Nyarphi's Law" in the JUSTICE Dex alludes to Murphy's Law, both inside and outside Milo's context. The Shiny coloration is based off of the British superstition of unlucky white cats, as well as early concepts for Milo dubbed "Mikey".
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