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Mystery Dungeon part 2

by Mimikyutheone

It was night time when I heard a rustling in the forest. "Hello? Is someone there?" I asked. I heard no response so I decided to check it out my self. That's when I saw Charmeleon. "Do you need help?" I asked. He woke up and gave me a stone with a note I read it and it said 'This is a time stone keep it and when the time is right use it' i didn't know what it ment so I headed off back to the tree and went to sleep. The next morning Froakie told me to meet at Rowlet's lab. "It's super important!" said Froakie. "So why did we have to come here?" I asked. "The princess said we have to come to the castle!" said Popplio. "It is important that we go at once! So pack your bags for anything important!" said Rowlet. So we packed up and headed out, once we got there a Charmeleon was standing next to Gallade. "I'm telling you psycho cut is better than leaf blade!" said Charmeleon, "and it looks like the guests of honor have arrived!" They brought us to 4 different rooms. "The princess will summon you shortly," said Gallade, "hey Charmeleon when do you plan on evolving?" "Shortly I want to evolve but I want to stay as Charmeleon I feel more agile!" said Charmeleon. We decided to meet up in my room. "We should make team name!" said Popplio, "Why?" asked Rowlet, "So we can help people, duh!" Popplio responded. "Ok then what should we call our selves?" I asked. Before we could decide a the princess called us. She said we were important. "How are we important?" I asked. "You have a time stone," she said. "A time stone?!" said Rowlet, Popplio and Froakie. "Those are extremely rare!" said Rowlet. "I have one!" I said. I showed it to everyone until a claw crabbed the stone and the princess. 'I knew something might happen!' I said in my head. "Dragon claw!" said Charmeleon. He destroyed the claw with the princess but the one with the time stone got away.To be continued...