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mystery dungeon adoptables

by HeyItsPip

HeyItsPip hey, it’s my longest piece of art so far, being four hours and thirty three minutes.

might make a mystery dungeon rp to go with this, idk

anyways if you wanna adopt a team go for it, all I’m asking is a written piece of work with the team you adopted and maybe check out my rp once I make it. just don’t let them go to waste this took an extremely long time-

please do not adopt if you aren’t gonna use them!! yes I am a hypocrite!!!

Team Tidepool (Tidepod, as the others nickname): open!

Golisopod is hard and hot headed. They’re loyal, but is bitter and WILL get revenge. Also they’re fearless, and will go great costs to protect someone, however. They have a nice heart. They just don’t like to show it.

Croconaw is a daredevil, living life to the fullest. If there’s something on their mind, they’ll most likely say it, even if the consequences aren’t so great. They’re very rebellious and hate rules, especially if things don’t go their way. It’s easy to distract them.

Team Orion: open!

Skwovet is feisty, determined, and scrappy. They’re clever and quick-witted, always ready to defend themself and their friends. They are also very emotional and really wants to help everyone, which doesn’t always result well.

Starmie comes off as stoic, but is really just a reserved mon. They’re known for being the voice of reason, but sometimes give in to the madness. If they happen to express any emotion, they would be sure to correct themselves.

Team Lucid: yeah, I’m probably gonna keep this one
torterra: sprout
musharana: lucifer

Torterra is impulsive, proud, and courageous. At the same time, they’re bitter, cold, and indecisive. With their moody personality, they eventually mellow out, and can be very kind to those they love, even with how much they loathe showing it.

On the surface, Musharna is a calm, caring Pokémon. However, once you get to know them, you couldn’t be more wrong. Musharna is incredibly mischievous and loves testing people. This obviously doesn’t end well most of the time. They also use their dream eating power for… interesting stuff. Unfortunately.

Team Soundproof: open!

Whismur is sassy, devoted, blunt, and tough. They take nothing from nobody but is there when somebody needs them. They are independent and always wants to do what’s right. Although they have their times when they’re kind, they’re not afraid to be assertive and speak up. Loud.

Meowstic is clearly not fit to be an explorer. He’s shy, fearful, and overall cowardly. He solves other’s problems with total ease, but can’t really go against his own problems. He’s anxious, kind, and intelligent. However, he can’t really get over anything in general, and seems to be stuck in the past.

Silicobra is a fast talking and hyperactive Pokémon, and it’s hard to get info out of them. They’re spunky and crack jokes often and tend to beat around the bush. Silicobra is also compulsive, doing things without much thought. Quite outgoing.

mmmm nice. and final reminder: please don’t adopt if you aren’t gonna use them.