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Myla Sanworth, Fairy Gym Leader of Cienwood

by AllyCat95

Myla Sanworth The Gym Leader of Cienwood with Shadows even smaller then before.jpg
AllyCat95 This is my gym leader of Cienwood. She is mostly a fairy type gym leader. Myla is the middle child of 5 children. She has two older brothers and 1 younger sister as along with 1 younger brother. Her family lives in Celadon City in the Kanto Region. She started her journey when she was 10 and have gotten an eevee as a starter. After 2 years later she decided to stay in Cienwood City in Johto Region. This is where her best friends lived until they moved. Myla have always gone to Cienwood City for vacations when she was a kid so that is why she decided to live there. When the previous gym leader was decided to retire. There was a competition to take over the gym. After a couple days later it came to the finals and it went on for an hour Myla finally won. Soon later she opened up a flower shop where she can be herself. Myla was inspired to do this from her Aunt Yasmin, who has passed away when she was 8. So four years have passed and she is great 18 year old girl and work hard.
The first one (in the far left) is Myla when she was 10 years old, in the middle is when Myla was 14 and on the right is when Myla is now 18. As you can see as a shadow like figure is Myla in her gym leader outfit