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My Thirdy Day Drawing Challenge.

by donald.duck

donald.duck Hello, peeps. It's ya boy. Then Man. Ok. I want to do this. But there's a big "whoopee cushion" in the way. I have too much on my hands. I have my personal "masterpiece" babies being born. I'm managing my "deviant" account (I'm not gonna link to that yet.). I have some "stories" that need to unfold. Yep. That's a problem. Yeah. So I have a "plan plan". This is gonna start up on (date undecided.). This is a thirty-day drawing challenge. If you haven't read the title. So yeah. No this won't only be Pokemon. You were warned. If you want to do this with me. It starts on (date undecided.) (If you are joining me share the hashtag: #ThirtyDayDrawingChallengeByACactus). Bye, and wear your seatbelt. Here are the prompts:

Day One (): A Gen One Pokemon drew in your personal style.
Day Two (): That same Pokemon again (this time try your best to duplicate the "Ken Sugimori" art style.).
Day Three (): Your personal avatar, but in a different style.
Day Four (h): Attempt to draw your favorite Pokemon.
Day Five (): Attempt to draw your least favorite Pokemon.
Day Six (): Mr. Mime in a random pose (why not.).
Day Seven (): Ditto face on your avatar.
Day Eight (): Ditto face on your favorite Pokemon.
Day Nine (): Your Mom
Day Ten (): Your dog (if no dog. draw a furry.)
Day Eleven (): The most O.G Pokemon in your opinion.
Day Twelve (): Redraw your friend's art piece (If you have no one. Do mine.)
Day Thirteen (): Redraw old art (but first laugh at how bad you were back then).
Day Fourteen (): Draw with your mouse.
Day Fifteen (): Pixel art?
Day Sixteen (): Draw with your "off hand".
Day Seventeen (): The ugliest Pokemon in your opinion.
Day Eighteen (): Your favorite food.
Day Nineteen (): A hat based on your favorite Pokemon.
Day Twenty (): A weapon based on your favorite pokemon.
Day Twenty One (): A dog in a Pokemon "one-z".
Day Twenty Two (): Your favorite Prof.
Day Twenty Three (): Anything.
Day Twenty Four (): A ghost.
Day Twenty Five (): Attempt to draw your favorite Legendary
Day Twenty-Six (): Attempt to draw your favorite Ultra Beast.
Day Twenty Seven (): Attempt to draw your own Ultra beast.
Day Twenty-Eight (): Your personal avatar as a baby.
Day Twenty Nine (): Your personal avatar old.
Day Thirty (): Your personal avatar with confetti (because you are done.).
  1. donald.duck
    i never did this lol
    Dec 29, 2018
  2. _Snowstorm_
    Well I'm in.
    Dec 23, 2017
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  3. donald.duck
    no. but I have a picture now.
    Dec 22, 2017
    Fandom Trash and _Snowstorm_ like this.
  4. _Snowstorm_
    What would we need to do?
    Dec 22, 2017
    Fandom Trash likes this.
  5. donald.duck
    Loyaldis just a question are you going to do the challenge?
    Dec 20, 2017
    Fandom Trash likes this.