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My Sonas!

by BooBerry

BooBerry A Sketch-And-Trace drawing I have done a while ago at school :3
If you don't know them yet (Asides skittles which is my confirmed Pokesona) here is a list of them as a starter:
The Pegeaus- Fury Painter
The MC guy hanging on Fury- Electra

The Robloxian in headphones- Cute (in ROBLOX, most people call me Cute but often Caramel)
The pig- Snowcone
The Angry Bird w/ a sylveon hoodie- Yuri

The Kirby- Bolt
I hope you all like it :blush::p:nom:
  1. Pokemem
    Roblox <.>
    Jan 22, 2017