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My Pokémon Gym: My pokemon in my gym

by Frodgra

Frodgra The pokemon I would have in my gym.
  • Lvl. 50 Gliscor: Swords Dance, Sky Uppercut, X-Scissor, Earthquake
  • Lvl. 50 Hippowdon: Double Edge, Take Down, Dig, Earthquake
  • Lvl. 50 Camerupt: Rock Slide, Earth Power, Yawn, Earthquake
  • Lvl. 50 Quagsire: Yawn, Amnesia, Slam, Earthquake
  • Lvl. 50 Dugtrio: Tri Attack, Dig, Earth Power, Earthquake
  • Lvl. 55 Donphan: Magnitude, Scary Face, Giga Impact, Earthquake

I chose these Pokémon because they are some of my favorite Ground types. They are also some of my favorite over all. And I just love the concept of a Ground Type Gym. The have I would hand out would be called the Soil Badge. A picture of it will be in the next issue of this series.