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My Pokemon adventure! Part 1

by Sonic Sceptile Warrior

Sonic Sceptile Warrior Choosing my starter and catching my first 2 Pokemon!
"Oh Crap! I overslept!" I yelled as I raced downstairs. While I was heading downstairs I was interrupted by my mother who decided to give me her set of Pokeballs. So I headed to Professor Birch's lab to see him and he gave me a partner I immediately chose Treecko for obvious reasons, and nicknamed it Blade. After headin' out the door on to Route 101 I was quickly greeted by a scared Pikachu. I was trying to calm it down but Blade heard voices and saw two dudes with "Hedgehog Blue" clothes on that were yelling at me to give them the Pikachu. "No thanks, i'm pretty sure these guy is scared of you two." I replied so one challenged my to a battle the winner gets the Pikachu and the opponent's Pokemon. The guy named Blaine called out a Charmander, and I sent out my only Pokemon Blade the Treecko. "Charmander, use Scratch!" he yelled with anger. I countered that with Pound, and then he finally used Ember, and Treecko dodged and learned Bullet Seed, and was pummeled, and Blade finished Charmander with Pound. So Blaine gave me Charmander's Pokeball, and I named him Zuko and caught Pikachu whom I named Achoo. My adventure started with a bang but I was destined to be a master. To be continued...
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