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My oc's story

by SharkByte

SharkByte This is a background for sky my oc I hope you enjoy it!
Sky was born on march 4 1999 (it was easyer to use my real birthday) as a child of the moon he was born from two humans a rather cheerful yet serous mannerd man named travis and an anilitical yet kind woman named Jennifer. A year passed and it wasnt long until another child was brought into the world this time as a dragon boy Jaycob so sky and Jaycob would play all day and be happy until sky went to middle school things went downhill from there he was constantly bulled and tossed around at school until one day he had enough and he transferd to a privet school later one night he was wondering through the woods when he felt something odd on his head it was Soft he looked down in a puddle to see he had grown cat ears and a tail he almost screamed until he herd a voice calling him and explaining to him who he really was than suddenly a 6 year old with cat ears and a tail jumped from in the trees sky was than told from the voice to protect her no matter what a year passed and sky's family adopted a young girl named McKenna she was normal but her personality was bright and cheerful but she also had a big mouth and would get in trubble a lot fast forward to 2 days ago sky finally gained his hidden ability he could grow wings he was so happy now here we are today sky is a helthey 16 year old with a big secret and a small girl he must protect I thank you for reading sky's story I hoped you enjoyed thank you and good night/morning/evening.
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