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my new gen

by trollandroidx

trollandroidx the firt gym to the totem pokemon
after the first gym, you got the aircraft badge and go to the florest here the pokemons are the first two bug, the bird, the normal type rodent, rarely the pika clone and very rarely the third bug (note: the same pokemon of the game start) if you try go to the florest w/ no badge, a old man stop you and give you a pikachu to you and after a mimikyu, after the donating for you, he don't let you escape from city without a badge
in the florest, you can find weak pokemon grass and bug type and rarely a middle strong pokemon
in the middle of the florest, you found all the florest pokemon and the most strong pokemon of the florest: a kricketune, he is in a throne of a fallen trunk being served by pokemons insects, he see you and the fight start
after defeating he, you get a Buginium Z