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My Journey through Kanto: Chapter 1 - The Selection of......

by DarkLatios

DarkLatios If you like please put a thumbs up on this, and if you do comment and say if you want me to write another chapter of this book.
FINALLY!! I AM THE CHAMPION OF KANTO!! But, how did I get here. Let me think back about all the hard work and experience I had.

I was resting in my bed, when my alarm clock starts to blare like an air horn. I soon wake up realizing, oh my god, I need to be at Oak's in twenty minutes. I got dressed as quick as I can and just reached the lab in time. Oak welcomed me, and my future to be rival, Gary, the asshole. Soon enough, I had to make the toughest decision of my life. But, as a kid I owned an Oddish, and my dad fought for the Kanto military in the great war. I felt personally connected as a grass type trainer. So I decided to pick out Bulbasaur. Soon enough, I was on my way to catch em all. But wait, my rival wants to battle. I soon rage.
"WHY DO YOU WANT TO BATTLE?!" I asked loudly.
"To prove how bad you suck at being a trainer."
Then, Gary and I started to battle. I was lucky I had my Oddish on my hands. So, I nearly Ko'd the Charmander, and I switched with Bulbasaur. Then Bulbasaur, shrekted the Charmander so hard. I was soon on my way to Viridian City.​
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