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AskUxie: My Favorite Legendary Pokemon

by Tigara

Tigara This came from my AskUxie blog on Tumblr. It's one of the pieces I'm proud of making. Took me several hours to do and originally, it was just going to be a picture of Uxie and Diancie but then I started adding more and more to it until eventually, it became a group picture.
  1. Awsomedude259
    Rly awesome! But most are mysticals
    Feb 3, 2017
  2. Mrbanana
    Most of them are mysticals
    Jun 25, 2016
  3. TheUndertaleRainbowSoul
    I would give it 20 so cute and so beatiful nice combination
    Jan 24, 2016
  4. TheUndertaleRainbowSoul
    (Reply to OmegaPichu12345) Well hes wrong he probbably just starters and well there just those but not whole.
    Jan 24, 2016
  5. TheUndertaleRainbowSoul
    If i was you i would do mew,celebi,lugia,entei,raikou and suicune but its yours anyway. :)
    Jan 24, 2016
  6. suzzybell
    Oh my gosh they are so cute. ♥
    Sep 15, 2015
  7. xnicktheGamerx
    No way! Uxie is my favorite legendary!
    May 21, 2015
  8. OmegaPichu12345
    My friend on roblox said, Legendaries are Pokémon that represent a game. So Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur are legendaries... I guess... so these are minor legendaries. (I'm not sure about this_
    May 8, 2015
  9. yatharthyo
    i am yatharth i am pokefan
    Feb 12, 2015
  10. SparkyLewis949
    People, notice how even more adorable these legendaries are once they were put into the hands of Tigara.
    Jan 25, 2015
  11. GymLeader_Addison
    I love Shaymin too.
    Jan 7, 2015
  12. TrashAI
    Since victini is there your my best friend and mew. And jirachi.
    Jan 4, 2015
  13. The Jackel
    The Jackel
    Your drawings are the bomb so beautiful so majastic
    Dec 2, 2014
  14. leafyflareon
    Jul 19, 2014
  15. Pyrope
    Jul 2, 2014
  16. Veronica D
    Veronica D
    Just beautiful!!
    Jun 10, 2014
  17. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Pokemon is one of the few places to find legendary beasts able to be adorable. I love this piece, since it captures the essence of adorability. Well done.
    Jun 8, 2014
  18. Kasey871
    Amazing job!
    Jun 8, 2014
  19. Tidus
    The smallest and most adorable of legends, awesome, how long did it take to draw? ^-^
    Jun 8, 2014
  20. Senthil Alex Kumar
    Jun 8, 2014
  21. Vaporeonn
    This is sooo cute! And, I have a question : How much time does it take you to draw this?
    Jun 7, 2014
  22. Shiny Lyni
    Shiny Lyni
    So adorable! Your art in general amazes me, and I really love all the expressions and poses of all the little critters here~
    Jun 5, 2014
  23. Iris-sempi
    This is so cute and well done!
    Jun 5, 2014
  24. Corion
    Awesome work! :)
    Jun 4, 2014