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my fakemon story of me and melody

by Kaben and Madeleine

Kaben and Madeleine This is a fanmade Pokemon story when he is in the Eco region.
I was a test for a new form of meloetta but I turned into a boy like version of meloetta so they gave up the experiment so I wander off and I remember that they called me rocker and I decide to train hard and one day I saw her a meloetta with a trainer a so I had a crush on her and I was so distracted that I was caught by a trainer and it was a coincidence that he knows the trainer that I decided to my trainers team and after a few days I was missing meloetta that piper the piplup found a way for me to have a way for me to be with meloetta. The next day I received a box with an egg in it and it hatched into a meloetta then it saw him and though it was her father so he let her called that and he named her melody and they still together.