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My Eeveelution Characters (Not Including Pokesonas)

by Il Fantasma

1 ~ Stevey.png 2 ~ Stevey ~  Evolved.png 3 ~ Decimus.png 4 ~ Genesis.png 5 ~ Nebula.png 6 ~ Elda.png 7 ~ Kuro.png 8 ~ Také.png 9 ~ Houdini.png
Il Fantasma I dunno why I decided to post these here, honestly, but I did change some of their appearances drastically, so I guess it's worth it. All of my Eeveelution characters are here except for Abigail and Benjamin, since I've already posted them to the Creative Corner. Here's the form for each of 'em!

shiny Eevee / Flareon:
Name: Stevey
Gender: female
Age: 12 years
Skill: physical strength
Ability: Run Away / Flash Fire
Personality: sarcastic, candy-lover, sugar high-getter, jock (when it comes to football), impressionable
Appearance Difference(s): Due to her newfound impressionable state of mind, red paint drips from the tips of her tail and ears, obtained during a run-in with a Smeargle. She's also leaner than the usual Eevee or Flareon.

Name: Decimus (Deci for short)
: male
Age: 9 years
Skill: attack accuracy
Ability: Water Absorb
Personality: Deci can be scared fairly easily, especially in new places and around new people and Pokemon. He tries to act brave, standing up for himself and Gene, even when his brain begs him to run. Around those he knows, though, he's loud and can even be obnoxious to some.
Appearance Difference(s): His body is a much-lighter color than the average Vaporeon's.

Name: Genesis (Gene for short)
: female
Age: 17 years
Skill: patience
Ability: Quick Feet
Personality: Gene's basically Deci's mom, caring for him like he was her own son ever since they were abandoned by their Trainer. She's not overly protective of him, but she definitely does keep an eye on him whenever she can. Sometimes, when Deci isn't around, she likes to show off her speed to others, for reasons she herself does not know.
Appearance Difference(s): The insides of her ears are now the same color as her eyes.

Name: Nebula
Gender: male
Age: 19 years
Skill: listening to others
Ability: Synchronize
Personality: Nebula is a true gentleman, always willing to put himself in danger to save someone else, no matter how bad the situation or person. Sometimes, he can act rather childish, allowing himself to have innocent fun whenever he can.
Appearance Difference(s): The tufts of fur underneath his ears are now nonexistent. His eyes and the insides of his ears look like a galaxy, just like his gem does. He wears a red bow tie around his neck, and a little mustache has grown on his lip.
Other: He speaks in a hinted Irish accent.

shiny Espeon:
Name: Elda
Gender: female
Age: 16 years
Skill: endurance
Ability: Synchronize
Personality: Elda's fairly outgoing, confident in all she does, but not overly so. She can be a bit of a perfectionist, but she's mature for her age, not wanting to draw too much attention to herself.
Appearance Difference(s): Extra bandages have been added to her left front paw and right ear, covering large gashes.

shiny Umbreon:
Name: Kuro
Gender: male
Age: 15 years
Skill: risk-taking
Ability: Inner Focus
Personality: He's a bit bossy and manipulative at times, always wanting to be the center of attention. A loud-mouth, overachiever, and leader to the very end, Kuro is forever loyal to only a select few others, not letting himself get too attached to too many.
Other: I know I've never mentioned this guy before, but I actually made him before I knew Charms was a thing. He was one of my first Pokemon OCs, along with a list of other never-before-used characters. The blue of his bangs are usually hidden away under his snapback, which he almost always wears backwards, and sunglasses cover his blue eyes.

Name: Také
Gender: female
Age: 13 years
Skill: quick learner
Ability: Leaf Guard
Personality: Quiet, reserved, and usually calm, Také is most definitely a follower, not a leader. Never one to say 'no' to any offer for fear of either pain or sadness, she prances about everywhere she goes, light on her paws.

shiny Sylveon:
Name: Houdini
Gender: male
Age: 21 years
Skill: reliability
Ability: Pixilate
Personality: He's not one for battles, but will do so to protect his loved ones. Caring, but a bit overemotional, he doesn't take bad news well at all. Instead of battling, Houdini loves performing, especially magic tricks, hence the name.
Appearance Difference(s): The ribbons by his ears are now nonexistent.
Other: His left eye is missing. That's why there's a leaf.
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