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My eevee is evolving

by Kaben and Madeleine

Kaben and Madeleine My experience with eevee evolution in sinnoh
vaporeon- I was an eevee in the trophy garden and my dream was to swim through all the region with a human and one day I saw him and he knew that I was the best and that I could train hard and become the best eevee ever and I want to evolve into a vaporeon and he agreed and now I have a lot of fun being with him.
Flareon- it was just another day in the garden until this trainer came and caught me I was so surprised that I just decided to accept it and I got to become a cool fire type with all of my work.
Jolteon- I always dreamed that I will be a powerful Pokemon that would shock down other Pokemon and that dream came true when he can and he decided that first I had to train hard and then I could get my stone and that is what happen.
Espeon- I was always the beautiful type of eevee the others were not my type until I met this eevee he said that he was from another region and he was very cute that I decided to let his trainer catch me and we became very happy together.
Umbreon- you all know my story I was given to a trainer and I evolved into umbreon and also the relationship of espeon and me is still there and I love her and she love me back.
Glaceon- I want to be an eevee who likes the cold but the other thought that it was impossible so one day I saw a trainer and let him catch me and I wanted him to take me to the coldest place in the region and he did and I fought so hard and I did not notice a rock covered in ice and I evolved and I was so happy and I loved my new look and this trainer made my dream come true.
Leafeon- I was an eevee that like grass but other said that the previous forms were better but I did not agree with them until one day a trainer caught a lot of them and he also caught me and I wanted to escape so I waited then he sends me out in a forest and I saw grass and that what I wanted so we trained hard and suddenly I was changing and when it stopped I love my new type and I was so happy that I train hard with him.
Eevee- I never wanted to evolve but this trainer catch me and I said to him that I didn't want to evolve so he listen to me and game me a everstone that prevented me from evolving and I was so happy that I trained hard and learn cool moves being an eevee and I am so proud in this trainer letting me be me.
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  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Apr 5, 2016
  2. Galaxy Sylveon
    Galaxy Sylveon
    Adorbs! So Adorbs!
    Apr 5, 2016
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