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My Adventure in Alola

by ShinyDoubloonThePopplio

ShinyDoubloonThePopplio Choosing the Starter
It was a beautiful morning in Alola. Oricorios danced and chirped in the sun, Yungoos were snarling happily to their trainers and I was straight at the door because Mom told me. A boy with a hat came to greet me "Hello and Welcome to Alola! Mind if i show you to Iki Town?" he said happily and Off we went to Iki Town!
When we were walking through the route, a shadow of something mysteriously watched my every step... Finally at Iki Town we stopped and a guy named Prof. Kukui introduced me to himself and 3 Pokemon! These pokemon were the Fire Type Kitten also known as Litten, a round, potato shaped bird named Rowlet and a very beautiful but hated baby seal who had a cute name known as Popplio!
The boy with the hat was Ash Ketchum and he recommended me to choose Rowlet. Kukui recommended me to choose Litten. I couldn't choose all three of the cute starters so i picked Popplio! Professor Kukui facepalmed and Ash gave me a big eyed WTF face. I was told to start my adventure to Trainer school and then into Hau,Ouli City.

Next time in My adventure in Alola i meet Trainer school captain Illyma and also i bump into a few Team Skull Grunts! (part 1 of 16)