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MudSoul's Pain Chapter 2

by Blackened Flare

Blackened Flare
Chapter 2

When MudPaw woke up the sun was barely coming up. Sighing MudPaw stretched and noticed SandPaw was in her nest again, glancing around MudPaw saw SnapPaw, TurtlePaw, TigerPaw, PantherPaw in their own nests. Padding into the clearing MudPaw sat in the middle looking up at the sky, when her stomach interrupted her train of thought. Noticing a few pieces of prey left MudPaw grabbed a lizard and sat near the apprentices den. As MudPaw was finishing her meal she felt a set of paws on her tail.

“Hi MudPaw! I’m BounceKit remember?” The brown tom kit purred. “I’m your brother!”

“Ah yes you’re his kit, aren’t you?” MudPaw finished her lizard and quickly licked her pelt. “I’ll play with you later; I have to go check something. Goodbye.”

“Okay bye!”

MudPaw made her way to the ShadeClan north border and sniffed around to find her mother’s sent was fresher than the previous day. Fallowing the sent farther into rogue territory MudPaw found nothing, and sighed before running back to her territory with a sad expression on her face.

“MudPaw!” The white pelt of ShimmerStep appeared, his face was twisted in worry, and anger. “Where did you go?!” He pulled her over to him in a cat like hug.

“ShimmerStep…does she really hate me?” Tears filled her eyes again as she cried on his shoulder. She felt his white tail wrap around her shoulders.

“I don’t know MudPaw…I don’t know.” ShimmerStep answered. After a long silence he spoke again. “You know, I’ve always seen you as my kit, I’m very proud of you.”

“What about SnowFall? He’s the one you should be proud of.” MudPaw sniffed, and ran her paw over her face.

“I am proud of the big goof, I mean he is a great warrior, with a lovely mate, but you’re a strong ki- she-cat that went through the dark forest and back, and is still together. Let’s go DeadHeart wanted to do some battle training.” ShimmerPelt purred and they made their way back to camp.

When MudPaw entered the camp, an ambush of kits attacked. MudPaw sighed and shook the three kits off.

”Hi!” They laughed. A tortoise shell she-kit rubbed against the brown she-cat with a purr, as a black she-kit jumped onto MudPaw’s shoulders, and BounceKit jumped around his sister’s legs.

“SpeckleKit,” MudPaw rubbed against the tortoise shell kit. “Ow! EchoKit that hurt- BounceKit stop I’m gonna-” MudPaw quickly moved the kits out of the way and fell into the dirt muzzle first. The kits gasped and tried to help the brown apprentice, but was met with a brown and ginger muzzle checking them for injuries, and met with a sharp gasp. “EchoKit you scratched your muzzle! Get to the medicine den!” the black kit open her mouth but quickly shut it. “NOW! And you two-” she turned her dark blue gaze to the other kits. “To your mothers!” The kits broke out into their instructed areas before she could scold them.

“Your kits are going to be watched like a hawk,” BirchPaw laughed and turned to his brother. “Right SandPaw?”

SandPaw’s face grew angry as he walked up to MudPaw as she winced when she sat her paw down. “Shut up BirchPaw! When and if MudPaw has kits, she’ll be a great mother” He let the brown she-cat lean on his shoulder, and his face softened. “Come on let’s get you to the medicine cats, Oh did you know that BlueBerry went back to being a warrior?”

“No this is the first I’ve heard,” MudPaw looked at the blue grey she-cat as she talked with SwiftBreeze. The she-cat apprentice winced, and SandPaw looked mad again.

“You’re too soft on those kits! Yell at them next time!” SandPaw hissed.

“No! They’re just kits, leave them-” MudPaw was cut off by the deep voice of her father

“MudPaw are you alright?” BrightTail asked with concern.

“I’m. Fine.” MudPaw bit back a growl and limped into the split tree.
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