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MudSoul's Pain Chapter 1

by Blackened Flare

Blackened Flare
Chapter 1

MudPaw opened her blue eyes as a streak of light filtered into the bracken rapped apprentices den. A warm pelt brushed against the brown she-cat’s causing her to turn to her left side and see a tan tom curled up next to her. MudPaw suppressed a sigh, but flicked her ginger tipped tail in annoyance.

“SandPaw get out of my nest!” MudPaw hissed kicking the tom away from her. Startled the tom looked around and saw the amusement in is den mates, MarshPaw, BirchPaw, FirePaw, and SplashPaw, eyes and then the annoyance in the pretty brown she-cat in front of him. “StarClan what am I going to do with you?”

“Sorry MudPaw you’re just really warm to sleep next to.” SandPaw explained as their den mates started laughing, before they saw the look of distaste on the brown she-cat’s face.

“You little snake!” MudPaw hissed before running out of the den leaving her den mates laughing other than SandPaw who was looking confused and hurt.

“MudPaw, what happened SandPaw sneak into your nest again?” The brown she-cat known as DeadHeart asked with a purr, she was also her mentor.

“Again?” ShimmerStep hissed walking up. “I really should claw his eyes out!”

“You two never change...” MudPaw sighed with a distant look in her eyes.

“We picked up her sent…” DeadHeart said her amber eyes shadowed. ShimmerStep looked away with anger in his eyes.

“Where?” MudPaw asked looking down.

“North borders, do you want me to come with you?” MudPaw’s Mentor asked.

“No, this is between us. Thank You.” A sad smile appeared on the apprentice’s face before she turned serious and darted out of the camp and headed to the north borders of their territory. MudPaw inhaled and looked all over the border but the sent remained stale. Sighing MudPaw turned and ventured back to camp hunting as she went.

“Hey this she-cat looks like daddy!” a squeaky mew sounded as a small brown tom kit ran up to the she-cat. “Hi I’m BounceKit!”

“Why are you here kit?” MudPaw hissed causing the kit to step back.

“Hey MudPaw!” a group of apprentices yelled running up to the she-cat. MudPaw turned and looked at the group which consisted of SnapPaw, ginger tom with a golden underbelly, TurtlePaw, grey tabby tom, TigerPaw, a brown tabby she-cat, and PantherPaw, black spotted tom.

“Why in the name of StarClan is SunClan Here?” MudPaw sighed in annoyance.

“You’re always so annoyed!” TigerPaw purred. “And didn’t you know our clans are joining!”

“I don’t pay attention to the clan because I always have to yell at SandPaw.” MudPaw explained before grabbing her prey, a mouse a vole and a pigeon, and walking away.

“H-Hey wait for us!” The apprentices and kit yelled trudging after the brown and ginger she-cat.

When the group of cats walked into the ShadeClan camp, MudPaw noticed a dark brown pelt with a ginger tail. Growling MudPaw dropped her prey at the prey pile and stalked off to the apprentices den.

“MudPaw!” LillacStar called making the brown apprentice to halt and turn around to look at her leader. “Come meet-”

“I know who he is!” MudPaw hissed. “He’s the snake that broke my mother’s heart!”

“MudPaw!” DeadHeart scolded.

“Let’s get one thing clear BrightStar!” MudPaw stalked up to the brown and ginger tom and hissed while her pelt stood on end. “You will never be my father! And I hold no respect for you! Youare the reason ShiningMedow left!” MudPaw’s blue eyes burned with hatred. “If you’ll excuse me!” MudPaw made her way back to her den. “Oh…and your kit…congratulations!”

“MudPaw, w-wait!” SandPaw tried to fallow, but a dark tan tail was on his shoulder making the tan apprentice turn and see his brother BirchPaw. BirchPaw shook his head.

“Leave her.” BirchPaw mewed. “Give her time.”

Anger coursed through MudPaw’s mud colored fur as she lied in her nest. Her ginger tipped tail flicked back and forth and her ginger tipped nose was scrunched up in distaste for her father. ‘I hate him! My mother hates me because of him!’ MudPaw hissed to herself as tears welled in her eyes. ‘Look momma I caught a moth!’ ‘Silly kit, that’s a butterfly.’ ‘Butterfly?’ ‘Yes my dear, you know I met your father because of a butterfly.’ ‘I love butterflies!’ the memory brought whole new tears into her blue eyes, as she fell asleep.
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