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mudkip and snivys advature part 4

by leo the absol msater

leo the absol msater
so I have to lead off with a soory I have no accuses I just been lazy I will try to put these out more often [​IMG] with that's lets begin. snivy how about we do this misson. mudkip sure lets do it. later on in the duegon mudkip huh oh this lilypup want to join us what about it snivy. snivy sure welcome to the team. lilypup ill mak esure to help snivy (starts to glow ) huh whats happening (elvoves) whoah I ELVOVED mudkip whoa you elvoved into a servine I don't now what to say but awesome! servine thack you. so they complete the misson sooory it was so short I just really need rest and needed to get something out today so bye for now [​IMG]
  1. leo the absol msater
    leo the absol msater
    also I know this whole part was just making the team better and im soory ill mak ethe next part very very soon I promise
    Sep 27, 2015