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MrBanana's Gen 4 adventure: MrBanana's Gen 4 adventure ep. 3

by Mrbanana

MrBanana took Petrus's advice and summons two master ball, cloned Mewtwo, turned him into a lvl. 100 and caught him. MrBanana had a battle w/ Petrus and MrBanana won(By cheating). Then MrBanana was walking, but since this is my story so I can do what ever I want I will make him fall into a bottomless pit.

A month later.... You know what? I feel bad for him. I'll let him go.(This is the part you clap) Petrus was in his new a million foot wide house. So what!? It's my book, so I can make him be able to make a giant house in a month if I want to!