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OCs: Monster High: Cody Border

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Cody Border
Gender: Male
Species: Weredog, or WereBorder Collie if you prefer.
Age: 16
Appearance: He has brown eyes, short black hair, and fur with the same coloration as the dog in this picture: [​IMG].He wears a button down plaid shirt that looks like this: [​IMG], jeans, boots that look like the one pictured here: [​IMG], a belt with a buckle that looks like this: [​IMG], but has Blue Moon in all caps instead of CEDARPEW(?), and a Border Collie head outline instead of the central design. He also wears a black cowboy hat with holes in it for his ears to stick out that he rarely takes off during waking hours. His transformed Border Collie form is identical to the dog in the picture from before, but with his cowboy hat on his head.
Other info: Cody is from Moontana (which is probably what the Monster High world’s version of Montana is called) and is a born were-ranch dog. His herding instincts can kick in at the weirdest of times.
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  1. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    Sep 8, 2017