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Monsieur Pierre's Guests

by BonslyJuice

BonslyJuice A work-for-work trade.
A male couple find themselves invited to a party hosted by none other than Monsieur Pierre himself.
(To @Roi De La Nuit Sans Fin~)

Ferdinand and Stephon had just strolled up to their mailbox, discussing what color to paint their new living room, when suddenly a Braviary swooped down from above and dropped a small box in Ferdinand’s gloved hands.
“Oh my goodness.” He said, a little bit startled. He carefully unwrapped the box, viewing the contents; two envelopes and two solid gold Master Balls. They wouldn’t function, but were instead a part of a pass into the Ball of Monsieur Pierre.
The ball they just happened to have signed up for three hours ago.
They both jumped up and down in childlike joy, describing what they thougt it would be like.
“We’ll win the tournament and get that Princess Crown!”
“We’ll met Monsieur Pierre and possibly defeat him!”
“We’ll dance the night away!”
“We’ll feast on the best of foods!”
They looked at each other and laughed. Walking inside, Stephon caught a little chunk of text in the lower corner of the paper.
Tonight @ 6:00
He nearly dropped the box. “We have to go now, Ferdinand!” Stephon yelled. “It starts in 10 minutes!”
Ferdinand smiled and tossed a Premier Ball. Out of it popped Magic, his Alakazam. “Teleport us to Monsieur Pierre’s ball, Magic!” Ferdinand commanded, and his Alakazam did so happily. They appeared at the front of a long line, suits psychically put on by Magic.
Ferdinand’s suit was one of pink and fuscia, put together with a black tie. The clothes were clean-cut and patternless.
Stephen, on the other hand, wore a full-pinstripe set of dress clothes, including a fedora and jet black shoes.
They strolled up to the bouncer at the door and showed him their golden Master Balls, and were allowed right through. They gave each other a hug, and when they turned to keep walking forwards, their jaws dropped.
The layout of the palace was simply stunning; gold-plated glasswares, red carpets layering every set of stairs, butlers and maids serving numerous extravagant appetizers.
“I see the two merry men with merit have arrived.” Monsieur Pierre commented. He threw a pokèball into the air, and out came his beloved Klefki. “How about we get the festivities underway immediately?”
Stephen and Ferdinand grinned. This would most definitely be a night to remember.
  1. BonslyJuice
    Sorry it wasn't much, but I wanted it to end on a cliffhanger and I'm not the best at picking up a stroy in a random spot...
    Feb 20, 2017